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The Pros and Cons of Working out With Your Spouse.

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( Healthy competition doesn’t hurt anyone, right? Especially when it’s with your spouse. There are many benefits to working out with your partner. Motivation. Support. Accountability. Sharing a common activity with your spouse shows a strong bonding in a relationship.

Working out with your partner is a great way to spend quality time together while getting fit at the same time – but it has some of its drawbacks. Should you be working out with your spouse? There are a lot of different opinions regarding this. So, here is a list of the pros and cons of working out with your better half.

Pro: Getting quality time

Nowadays, with busy schedules, people in a relationship do not get a lot of free time for each other. So scheduling a workout together means spending more time with your significant other and staying healthy at the same time. Working out with your spouse has been proved to be helpful in many ways.

Con: Scheduling workouts

Sometimes he has to work late, you get tired early. Who wants to waste precious hours of sleep during the weekends? What if one of you doesn’t feel like going for a workout? There are many such situations that can turn a workout into more of chaos.

Pro: Healthy competition

If you both are comfortable enough with each other, there are chances that you might be comfortable with a little healthy competition. If one of you is better than the other in some exercises or activity, you can help the other to level up and that can make a relationship stronger. It will motivate the other to make efforts and have a productive workout.

Con: Can lead to frustration

Sometimes, if your spouse is better than you at workout sessions or you are so competitive that if you can’t do an exercise better than our spouse, you get upset about it and feel frustrated and irritated. At that time, your spouse becomes a demotivating factor and can discourage you from finishing a useful and successful workout. So, decide wisely.

Pro: It can be attractive

When you watch your spouse doing something with perfection-whether it’s running, skiing, working out, whatever- you find it attractive at once. This also helps boost your partner’s motivation when you express these feelings.

Cons: Things can get weird at times

A lot of sweat and smell can make your partner feel unattractive. After a heavy workout, if your partner starts smelling differently and you cannot bear with that smell, it sure will be a turn-off in a relationship.

Pro: Accountability

When two people are working out together, they know that they don’t have to skip the routine. You both will hold each other accountable and will be a helpful reminder for each other about the upcoming workouts and even help each other to make the workout happen.

Con: Power imbalance

If one partner is already fit and the other is not, a couple of workouts may not be that productive. One partner may feel uncomfortable and inadequate, especially if the fitter spouse takes on a hard training role during the workout sessions. This can create a power imbalance between two people and can also hamper the relationship.

Pro: Help each other

If your spouse is not able to perform well during workout sessions or is not able to do a step properly, you can help your spouse to master that step and help them. This will establish a strong connection and bond between two people.

Con: You can injure yourself

If you and your partner are being competitive, one of you might end up hurting yourself. And doing a workout above your potential, or to prove something to your partner is a surefire way to hurt yourself. Quite often, it can lead to a serious injury and that can seriously translate to working out with your partner.

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