Can Social Media Affect Your Personal Injury Lawsuit?

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( Personal injury suits refer to legal cases that arise due to one suffering from any physical harm caused by someone or a company. The person responsible for harming you or your loved ones is supposed to compensate for your medical bills and the suffering one has undergone.

If the injury happened due to the other party’s negligence, you should contact your personal injury lawyer immediately. Your personal injury lawyer will help you build a solid plaintiff case. This will help you get the full compensation you deserve. 

Technological advancement has made communication easy with the upcoming social media platforms. With social media sites, one can post anything and keep friends and family updated. When it comes to personal injury suits, your social media accounts can negatively impact your case, making it hard for you to be compensated.

Here are ways in which social media may affect your personal injury suit:

Contradicting Testimonies

Most people tend to post pictures of the recent activities happening in their lives. It is not illegal for the opposing party to look for evidence in your social media platform. Some of them may even send friend requests to monitor your posting.

If you have a personal injury suit claiming your limbs are broken, and you post a picture riding a horse, this can be contradicting. If they find such information, they will gladly use it against you. 

When presented to the jury, such evidence will ruin your chances of winning the case, and it will be a bit hard for you to convince the jury that you were physically injured. This can make you lose your case, hence lack compensation.

Comments on Social Media Page From Friends and Family

Unknowingly, friends and family can jeopardize your personal injury suit. Your friends or family can post things that can work against your case. For instance, you might be claiming that a specific brand of alcohol made you sick, but your friend ends up commenting on your wall how you like using another brand. 

It will sound like you are trying to tarnish one brand and market the other. This can be taken out of context by your opponent, making your case weak.

Revealing What You Can Do

Active social media users may be at risk of revealing what they are capable of. They feel obliged to feel up their followers with everything happening in their lives.

If your family happens to be on vacation, and one member posts a picture without you, the defense lawyer might assume that you took the picture. They may look for ways to argue, raising suspicions to the jury. This may get your personal injury case compromised, and you might end up losing your compensation money.

You May Hurt Your Case

Social media is fun, but at times, you may end up doing things that you will regret later. You may comment on a post or picture without giving it second thoughts, and before you know it, the comment is already linked to your case.

If you have a personal injury lawsuit, it is wise to avoid comments that might hurt your case. You might unintentionally comment on something, and it ends up being used against you in the court of law.

Social media posts may make you vulnerable and be used against your personal injury claims. By using what you have posted on your social media sites, the opposing party may try to prove that you do not deserve compensation. 

Always make sure you are cautious in using social media. You should ensure you avoid posting or commenting about the incident. This will save you a lot of trouble since the opposing party will have nothing against you.

Staff Writer; Doug Poole