Characteristics of a Good Leader.

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( Whether you are a team captain of any sport or leading a team in a business or political setting, a great leader exemplifies a set of great leadership qualities. Some people say that not everyone is born a leader. On the other hand, some believe that leaders are made. 

Leadership has been a favorite topic of hundreds of authors, public speakers, influencers, philosophers, and practitioners. There’s also a lot of materials online that could either help you discover your leadership potential or hone the leadership skills that you already have. 

  1. They have a sense of purpose.

To know why you are doing something is wisdom. 

You should know why you are doing what you are doing. This would strengthen your influence and credibility. Your followers will not just follow you because of your position or status in life, they will follow you because you have clarity of purpose. If you aren’t clear on why you are doing things and where it would lead you, others would be unfaithful to you.

  1. They are good followers. 

To know how to do it best is a skill. Whatever you do reflects what kind of leader you are. Leaders strive to raise their standards. You need to provide excellence in everything that you do. Being the best at what you do is a great way to lead by example. 

  1. They are analytical and emotionally intelligent. 

To know when to do it is judgment. A good sense of judgment means good decision-making skills. This is your ability to think about things clearly and logically. You weigh facts, assumptions, and consequences in deciding upon one or more courses of action. 

  1. They are always ready to serve. 

To do this for the benefit of others is service. You indeed need to learn to follow first before you learn to lead. All leaders started as a follower. However, if you are already a leader, whether by position or by influence, you should not stop serving others. Being on a leadership role is privileged but we do not stay on this role just to gain advantages and benefits for ourselves. 

  1. They are humble.

To do this quietly is humility. An effective leader is a humble leader. You should focus on problem-solving and helping the team much more than promoting yourself as the one who makes everything possible. Humility attracts and inspires others. It brings people together when they can relate to their leaders. A humble leader promotes collaborative teamwork effort, welcomes diversity in people, and appreciates everyone in the team. Apart from that, they give credit where credit is due.

  1. They inspire others to be good leaders.

To empower others on how to do these things is leadership. Having all the skills and qualities of a great leader is not the endpoint of being a leader. A leader also inspires others to become good leaders too. You need to share your wisdom with them, teach them the skills they need to learn, guide them on decision-making, train them to serve others and encourage them to always be humble. You have the power not only to influence others but also to change them for good. If you are a good leader, they will also become a good one. 

Staff Writer; Ellie Carter