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Castrated Black Leaders.

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( Here we go again, Ahmad Aubrey and George Floyd. I told everyone this would keep happening, that it happens more often that you know. That it could happen to ANY African-American. And that without video of these murders, nothing would have been done. So here we are right back here again.

Where are the “leaders” of the African-American community? Those who have recruited blacks for their causes, received our donations and claimed to have the solutions? Where are you Louis Farrakhan? Where are you Nation of Islam? Where are you Al Sharpton, King family, NAACP, National Order of Black Law Enforcement (N.O.B.L.E.), 100 Black Men, 100 Black Women, Black Lives Matter (all 3 groups), Black Panthers, T.D. Fakes, Creflo “take your” Dollar, Juanita Bynum (the profit), the SCLC etc?

If we don’t stop making excuses for African-American leaders doing nothing, that is what they will keep doing – NOTHING.

I had an interesting discussion with a good friend who is a member of the Nation of Islam about this matter. He knew not to ask what I was doing because he knows I’m in the fight on multiple levels. But he said “people don’t listen anymore”. I beg to differ because the “black” community is largely made up of followers, not all but most. And if someone is stepping up, stepping out and leading, many will follow. Thus our approach to stop these racist and murderous cops must be coordinated, united and strategic, working from multiple angles inside and outside – all simultaneously.

The discussion continued and my friend said the minister had told them what to do and that the minister speaks. My response? Rogue, murderous cops and red neck renegade neighborhood killers and not just speaking so countering their actions cannot not just be done with talk. I am not a member of NOI, but I must agree with Minister Farrakhan when he lets the people know a race war is coming. Of course where are the generals and commanders in the “black” community? Divided and having their own agendas. Wake up people. And if you want to criticize this article, what are you doing?

Over several decades I have noticed that far too many “black leaders” around today tend to act not only castrated but also self-seeking. They will step up only when they can lead, gain recruits and get the recognition. Otherwise they are largely silent. That means they are really about “self”  – self and more self. They only appear to be about their people. And they have so many of you fooled that you follow almost blindly while they lead nowhere.


Excuses, excuses while African-Americans are marked, targeted and killed. Where are our African-American entertainers with influence (Oprah), our politicians, our police officers and attorneys and judges and district attorneys? Why don’t they stand up? Because they seem to know “their place”, exactly where Massah told them to stay. So they are quiet. Where are all those who are so “OG”? The TI’s, the P-Diddys, the Dr. Dre’s and the Snoop Doggs? Freakin silent. Many of the so-called black role models didn’t even step up for Colin Kapernick but they are quick to sell you their music, take your concert ticket money and have you wear their shoes. CASTRATED. Wake up people. Wake the freak up! Is it any wonder that racists and rogue murderous cops feel they can target us and get away with it?

This is not just what I see as an awake, alert, aware and proactive African-American man. This is what “white” racists see. This is what murderous police officers see. This is why Caucasian former cave dwellers feel comfortable dropping money into GoFundMe accounts to help trailer park trashy thugs who need to be fried in electric chairs like bacon. Yes I am angry with a righteous anger.


I do not recommend violence but I do recommend self-defense by whatever means necessary. If either Aubrey or Floyd had been openly members of the LGBTQ community, the gay men would be all over this. If Aubrey or Floyd had been the dogs of Caucasian owners, PETA, ASPCA and every other animal rights group would have lost their minds. But the African-American community has allowed such a       de-valuing of a black man’s life that people don’t lose any sleep over the un necessary deaths of these two men. Well it bothers me at night, every freakin night. Why doesn’t it bother you enough to say something, do something or take a stand whatever way you can?

The African-American church (and Mosque) used to be places of safety, refuge and righteousness. But today they are more castrated shadows of their former selves than anything else. Recruiting people with words and taking up offerings while the leaders live the lives that their recruits are not able to. And all of you who supported these leaders while failing to hold them accountable to the very words they teach are those of you who allowed this to happen. So when something bad happens you turn to an attorney or the same system that would just as well have you locked away or exterminated. How sad is that?


Today I am saying ENOUGH! Today I am calling for every African-America reading this article to step up, speak up or stand up whatever way you can. Not to be racist but to protect our people, our children, our neighborhoods. I don’t care what position you hold, owe much money you make, where you live or how you think cases like Ahmad Aubrey and George Floyd won’t happen to you or those you love.


I am calling on you to wake up, to think, to act, to shake off the fear and resist the castration. I am calling on those who are broken to be unbroken. I am calling on you to be sick of this, including black on black crime. I am calling on you to hold the leaders you follow accountable or stop following them. I am calling on you to come together as often as you can and formulate lawful strategies, plans, agendas. All of this now, not latter, before something happens to you and someone you love. Flood the police stations, city halls, district attorney offices, prosecutor’s offices and regulatory agencies with calls, emails, letters, protests and every other lawful action you can think of that says ENOUGH!

The time is now. Sadly the only way to make America great again is to turn the clock all the way back before the racists European hypocritical traitors to the British crown stole this land and founded this country. But since that is not likely to happen, do what you can – and start TODAY!!! Share this.

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw


5 Responses to “Castrated Black Leaders.”
  1. fuck you says:

    fuck you cocksucker you are a load your whore ass mother should have swallowed!!!

  2. Moorish Master Magnificant says:

    Stop viewing black people as one entity. Also the only way to truly stand up is to begin a war.
    Is that what you counterproductive ass wants? An excuse for them to f*ck us up more? Stop blaming black people, this victim shaming sounds like the shit Candace and Tatum would do. You sir are a coon. And whoever mentioned FarraCon fuck that Scientology ass corpse.

  3. Ridgely Mu’min says:

    Dear Trevo Craw, Who are you? What else have you done over the last 20 years besides write articles on your website? Names your businesses. What is the name of the organization that you founded? How many schools have you opened? How much farmland do you Farm? Just tell me a little about yourself. Peace, Doc

  4. Ridgely Mu’min says:

    Dear Trevo Craw, Who are you? What else have you done over the last 20 years besides write articles on your website? Name your businesses. What is the name of the organization that you founded? How many schools have you opened? How much farmland do you Farm? Just tell me a little about yourself. Peace, Doc

  5. Stanley Muhammad says:

    Don’t ask where Minister Farrakhan is when he has been warning you of this day for at least 43 years as leader of the Nation and 65 years as the Minister in the Nation. If he says something, you won’t respond. Where have YOU been.

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