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Regular Exercise Can Lead to Better Rates on No Exam Life Insurance.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) One of the great benefits of no exam life insurance is that you don’t have to undergo a medical exam in order to get quick coverage. However, just because you don’t need a medical exam doesn’t mean that your health isn’t taken into consideration when determining your monthly premiums. With term no exam life insurance, health does play a role in both the approval and underwriting process.

Term no exam life insurance, also known as Simplified Issue, requires applicants to fill out a short, basic health questionnaire, which underwriters then use to assess risk. This means that the healthier you are, the better rates you are likely to get. While there are certain aspects of our health that are out of our control — like family history and various medical conditions — there are also certain aspects of our health that are in our control.

One of these crucial aspects is exercise.

5 Exercises That Can Help You Save on No Exam Life Insurance


Exercise is one of the best ways we can contribute to our overall health. It not only keeps our bodies fit, but it also improves mood and quality of sleep. So when life insurance underwriters see that an applicant exercises regularly, the applicant’s risk goes down, along with their insurance premiums.

While nearly any movement is good for you, there are certain exercises that are considered really good. If you’d like to get a quote for monthly premiums as someone who exercises regularly, click here.

Here are the top 5 exercises for lower life insurance rates.


Walking is easy, dynamic, and can be done alone or with friends. It can be done inside or outside, uphill or on straight terrain, by young and old alike. Due to its convenience, it’s one of the most popular exercises. It’s also one of the most effective. Health benefits of walking include improved memory, elevated mood, reduced risk of heart disease, and increased cardiovascular fitness. When you apply for no exam life insurance and the underwriters see that you walk daily for exercise, you are likely to get a better rate than someone who doesn’t.


Swimming is another super exercise. Like walking, it can be done inside or outside, at any age, by yourself or with a group of people. The added benefit of swimming is that it’s a low-impact exercise, which makes it ideal for people who have joint pain (and also for pregnant women). Swimming exercises a wide range of muscles in your body and can also improve sleep and mood, increase muscle tone, and reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes. With all its benefits, it’s easy to see why someone who swims regularly would get good rates on a Simplified Issue insurance policy.


Whether you bicycle in the great outdoors or at the gym in front of a TV monitor, you can reap the many benefits of this intense workout. Cycling is known for working the muscles in the upper legs and calves, but it also works the upper body and core, all the while building cardiovascular endurance. Other benefits include improved posture and coordination, boosted mood, stronger bones, and reduced stress. Bear in mind that insurance underwriters look at both physical health and mental health, so any exercise that addresses both will be looked upon favorably.

Strength Training

If you thought strength training is only for bodybuilders, think again. Strength training is a great exercise for anyone who wants to keep their muscles strong and healthy, and it’s especially good for people with arthritis. Working out your muscles not only burns fat, but it increases your bone density and reduces the risk of fractures. People who are older and more prone to bone fractures can take this exercise up regularly and try to get lower rates on their no exam policies.


Yoga has been practiced for centuries in India but it only came to America in the early 1800s. It has always been recognized as a spiritual and physical exercise, and today, its many benefits are well-known in the Western world. These benefits include improved cardiovascular fitness, increased circulatory health, weight loss, increased flexibility, higher energy levels, reduced stress, and greater balance. According to Sproutt.com, finding your balance contributes to a higher quality of life, which in turn, can lead to lower life insurance premiums.

Exercise Regularly, Get Fit, Save Money

Every person is different, so what appeals to one won’t appeal to the other. Find the exercise that appeals to you and commit to practicing it every day. Not only will you enjoy the health benefits from your chosen exercise, but you can also enjoy lower rates on no exam life insurance.

Staff Writer; Larry Ford

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