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Three Ways to Expand Patience.

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( Patience is a hard word these days. Though it is greatly needed it tends to be in very short supply. There is so much uncertainty in the world, and change is happening at a rapid pace. Even those that tend to experience an abundance of patience are finding themselves at the end of their reservoir. If patience was something you needed to work on, or was just starting to tackle, you may feel like you are overwhelmed by change, misunderstanding, and even fear. Patience for some is easier to grow when you have the space needed to do so, but space is something that is in short supply for some, and unwanted abundance for others.

Regardless of where you are in your patience journey having more is an asset. Patience allows us to deal with the uncertainty, manage fear, and our current space until a solution can be found, or necessary change arrives. Let’s look at three ways that can help you expand patience regardless of where you are in that walk.

1. Give yourself some grace. This might seem like it doesn’t fit in a patience discussion. However, you can’t give someone else what you don’t allow for yourself. Be patient with yourself. It is okay to feel uncertain, and most definitely okay to not have all the answers. Remember to love on you in giving yourself room to try new things and make mistakes. It is okay if you have found that your routine is broken. Right now, people all over the world are trying to navigate and find new norms. You are still here and are finding your way.

2. Relieve yourself of certain expectations. Routine and normalcy create expectations subconsciously, and there are those expectations we have for others in our life. Granted, honestly, loyalty, and fair treatment are expectations that must remain intact even more so in times of uncertainty. However, we need to understand that as the world is shifting there are spaces that will require us to remove the expectations. Some of us are used to our partners routine, that of our children, family members, and even the grocery store. Relaxing the expectation of routine can help expand patience. Everyone, and everything, right now is under pressure. Too many expectations based on the previous norms can lead to disappointment which can stress you out and exhaust your patience.

3. Remember others need grace as well. Sometimes its hard, in the swing of life happening, to remember others are as human as we are. This affects our ability to extend patience. Right now, everyone is going through a lot. It is understandable that the “a lot” you face resonates stronger with you than that of others because it is what you personally are facing in life. Patience is hard to extend when it seems the world is falling down. However, remembering we will need the patience we give helps. Remembering others are as human as we are can cause us to give patience in spaces whereby we feel we are running low. Even in a tense situation, keeping that at the forefront of your interactions can help you extend your patience.

Life now, more than ever is all over the place. Patience is something we want to be mindful of so that we can expand our capacity and do so as a necessity. Being gently with yourself, relax the expectations where you can, and giving the grace you need are just a few things you can do to help grow your patience.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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