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Radical Liberals Have Taken America To The Mountaintop.

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( Radical liberals have taken Americans to the mountaintop and we have seen their promised land; and it is not a pretty picture.

They have a dream of reimagining America in its own radical liberal image.  During this coronavirus outbreak, they have shown us what America will look like if they win the upcoming presidential election and regain the U.S. Senate.

To my fellow Americans who think radical liberals and socialists are joking about their vision for America; this coronavirus should be your wakeup call.  This is not a joke.  These radical liberals are extremely serious about radically changing America and making our country unrecognizable.

Right now, Trump may not be your choice for November’s presidential election; but if you cherish America and all its greatness, you may not have a choice come November.

Put it to you this way, if radical liberals win in November, you will not have a choice because these radical liberals will make all of your choices for you!

Most Americans understand and can except our elected officials invoking and exercising emergency powers in extreme circumstances, i.e. coronavirus, war, national disasters like 9/11.

But how these elected officials choose to exercise these powers give you a roadmap to their governing philosophy.

Exercising emergency powers is like using soap:  the more you use it, the less you have.

So, to all the never Trumpers, let us look at America if we lose in November.

Let’s go to the great state of Michigan and their radical liberal Democrat governor, Gretchen Whitmer.  Earlier this month she signed an executive order that prohibited “the advertising or promotion of goods that are not groceries, medical supplies, or items that are necessary to maintain the safety, sanitation, and basic operation of residences…Create at least two hours per week of dedicated shopping time for vulnerable populations, which for purposes of this order are people over 60, pregnant women, and those with chronic conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and lung disease… Limit the number of customers in the store at one time (excluding employees) to 4 people per 1,000 square feet of customer floor space. The amount of customer floor space must be calculated to exclude store areas that are closed under sub provision (2) of this subsection…For stores of less than 50,000 square feet of customer floor space, limit the number of people in the store (including employees) to 25% of the total occupancy limits established by the State Fire Marshal or a local fire marshal.”

How in the hell are these policies even remotely enforceable?  Are you going to have engineers there measuring the number of people per square foot?  Are you going to have doctors at the grocery stores giving medical exams to see if you are allowed to be there?  Now the government tells you what can be advertised to the public?  Are you kidding me?

Last month President Trump issued an executive order requiring all elective surgeries to be postponed, but a federal court in Texas said abortions would be exempted.  Huh?  Abortions are now medically necessary?  WOW!

Yes, in a liberal America, abortion is not an elective surgery, but rather a medical necessity.

The governor of Georgia, Brian Kemp, a friend of mine, is getting beat up all across the media because he said certain businesses would be given the right to reopen last Friday.  People lost their minds claiming that he was endangering the public. Huh?

Conservatism is about given the people choices; not making choices for them.  If you are in Georgia and you still feel unsafe getting your hair cut or getting a tattoo, you don’t have to go to these establishments; but rather you are given the freedom to make the choice that is in your own best interest.

That’s what democracy is all about!

Conservatives believe people will make choices that are in their own best interest; whereas liberals believe people are incapable of making their own choices.

In Virginia where I live, the governor is requiring everyone to wear a mask when they go out in public; I will not be wearing a mask.

Again, this is what’s at stake during the November elections.

Do you want the government to invade the most intimate parts of your daily life and tell you what to wear, how close you can sit to someone, or what medications your doctors can prescribe to you?

You give a radical liberal an inch, then they want to become a ruler!  Liberalism always takes; it never gives.  That’s the essence of liberalism.

I was once told, “Never try to explain your vision to anyone, but rather invite them to stand beside you and see for themself.”

During this coronavirus, we have seen radical liberals’ vision for America and they want to turn our American dream into an American nightmare.

Staff Writer; Raynard Jackson

This talented brother is a Pulitzer Award nominated columnist and founder and chairman of Black Americans for a Better Future (BAFBF), a federally registered 527 Super PAC established to get more Blacks involved in the Republican Party. BAFBF focuses on the Black entrepreneur. For more information about BAFBF, visit You can follow Raynard on Twitter; Raynard1223.



3 Responses to “Radical Liberals Have Taken America To The Mountaintop.”
  1. Steve Joel says:

    So, you want to preserve your right to infect me with your coronavirus, instead of being socially responsible and simply wear a face mask. Do you also preserve your right to yell fire in a crowded theater? Pure madness.

    This false assertion of rights is at odds with mainstream America, and for good reason.

    50,000+ Americans have lost their lives and all you can think of is the “free” exercise of your rights.

  2. If conservatives embrace ones individual right to choose for oneself, then why don’t you embrace eliminating the electoral college and win the presidency with the popular vote?

  3. Mark says:

    You call yourselves writers, and you don’t know the difference between except and accept? If you took a minute to proofread this article, you would see that given is not giving.
    It’s interesting to note that the author can’t figure out that stores can make a simple square foot calculation and then count the number of customers entering the building. Engineers re not necessary.
    In addition, the government has always determined what could and could not be advertised, and where. Think for one second about alcohol, lawyers and cigarettes.

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