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Do We Really Value Living.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) I remember once being told to “live my best life”. Right now, living my best life means staying home, stilling my mind, working as much as I can, relaxing in the process, and above all else trusting God during this very difficult time. Think about what that will mean for you. So many people believe they value life, they value their own life, and they value the concept of living. We work are to stay alive and living. We try to take care of our health, many are learning to practice self-care, and so many other things so that we can protect our life and quality of living.

When one is trying to purse a goal, sacrifice is a key word used. Nothing can achieve without discipline, patience, sacrifice, and following a path that often involves directions. This is understood and to shun any of these things to make others believe you don’t want success and you don’t want to better your life.

This principle can be directly attached to how we value life right now. It’s sad to say that while the country grapples with the coronavirus one of the problems the government faces with containment is actually the American people. It is amazing how many people were upset that the schools closed, and everyone was not a working parent struggling to deal with childcare. For a moment it took the NCAA a moment to come to its senses can postpone March Madness. There are citizens that know we are supposed to be doing ll we can not to have crowds and many people in close quarters but they are willingly going to the movies, bars, restaurants, and wanting to take the kids into highly populated areas. They are still planning big parties and expecting someone to attend.

Do we really value our own life? Do we value the life of our neighbor? That’s a real question because we need to follow some directives from government officials, and we must make a sacrifice if we want to get back to life as we know it. Risking life by recklessly moving about the community leads us further away from getting to what we know. At the rate we are going this will only get worse, lives will be lost, and it would be a shame for someone to contract the coronavirus simply because they didn’t want to sacrifice their need for self-gratification and stay home.

This is a very trying time. Many of us have never lived through something like this that is not only touching the country at large, but the world. Some of us only know the word pandemic from a book…now we are seeing it in real life. It is only natural to want to hold on to a piece of life as we know it…that normalcy that puts us at ease. However, if we value living we will have to have patience, and work through this short-term discomfort.

We will have to stay at home, and find ways to stay cool, calm, and collected from the house. Yes, cabin fever and that stir-crazy feeling can get real, but we are doing what we have to do if we value life. When you get ready to think about getting loose right about now ask yourself, do you value living. Ask yourself if you are willing to risk your health and that of others for instant gratification. Just taking a moment to put everything, and the value of your life, into perspective might help you decide to stay at home for now.

Staff Writer; Chelle’ St James

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