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5 Reasons Reading is Important to Life.

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( Many of us have grew up hearing “Reading is Fundamental”, but that became a punchline. Too many of us read at articles, or don’t have time if it’s not about gossip. The pettier the issue the better chance someone will take the time to read. Too many if us we not taught reading isn’t something we do sometimes, we must make time for it in our everyday life. There are so many benefits to reading where it’s scholarly, just for current events information, or entertainment. When we don’t understand the value of reading it’s hard to pass it to our children. Something as simple as establishing a bedtime story routine for the kids becomes a dreaded affair. It doesn’t mean one doesn’t value time with the children before bed, but that time is occupied with other activities besides books. Below is five reasons reading is extremely important to life and living.

1. Reading allows you to be informed on current events whereby you can come to your own conclusion. When you aren’t reading the news articles, and current events of the day for yourself it’s easy for someone to pin their perspective of a matter to you. You might find that you would feel differently about healthcare, abortion, the justice system, or foreign affairs if you took the time to read the information for yourself. This doesn’t always mean your mind will change, but it will be your own position based off what you have read yourself.

2. Being taken advantage of never feels good. One way we can avoid such is by having a culture of reading in your life. It means you don’t agree to, or sign anything without reading first. Yes, life is very busy, but you will always know how to slow the time down for you to read what you are getting involved in to make sure it’s in your best interest.

3. Reading is one way that we can come into a better knowledge of self, and what it means to be black in this country. When we take the time to read, we partake of the intelligence of our people as they lay out the issues we have faced here from day one. We can be inspired by the resilience of the generations before us and partake of the pride of a people. Reading is important as many of our leaders took the time to write the books we needed to have to keep moving forward.

4. Reading can be a form of healing. He can help take you places you have never been, as you fall in love with characters from various time periods. In this was reading is entertainment but it can also help relieve stress. Sometimes we just need to get away, and books can provide any destination you need. It’s a space whereby you can get lost for awhile until you are ready to come back to present.

5. Reading is something you are able to share with your family. When a family reads together you aren’t just strengthening a learning skill for your kid. You are introducing them to everything mentioned above and more. They will read for information, perspective, enjoyment, and self-improvement.

Take the time to read about the things that are important to you, and your life. Allow the joy of reading to take root in you. Spend some time in your local library, or book store, learning about the kinds of books you like. In these places there is always someone ready to help you explore the joy of reading. Read to be aware of the world around you verses just what those in power would want you to know. There is no substitute for reading; what it adds to ones quality of life is priceless.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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