Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Book Review; Stacey Abrams is Teaching Us to Lead.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) We are living in a time whereby we need to see the rise of new leaders. Diverse groups of people with the passion, boldness, character, and intelligence to help move this country forward in every area. For minorities it can be very difficult to navigate the path to public leadership as those paths were originally deemed not for us. If we are to be honest, a significant part of the country is still not ready to see the leadership of this country reflect the people. There are even some minorities that are sold on the idea that white men, and women, know best how to lead this nation; we should let them lead while the rest of us offer support. The problem with that logic is it has never been proven true. Starting on the road this road may seem daunting, but we do have strong minority leaders that are not only committed to serving the people…they are also committed to teaching us how to navigate the journey should we choose to rise to the occasion.

Many people came to know the name Stacey Abrams as she battled for the governor seat of Georgia. Though she didn’t win it was the closest a black woman, and person, had ever become to winning that election. To this day there are many of us that believe she was cheated due to various methods of voter suppression in the state of Georgia. She is still on the front lines today fighting for the rights of all Americans to vote without. She has made battling voter suppression her cause, but she is more than just a politician. Stacey Abrams is an attorney, and author. She is a black woman that has taken on the challenge of leadership, and she is teaching is along the way. In her book “Lead From The Outside: How to Build Your Future and Make Real Change”, Stacey Abrams gives the reader a crash course in how to navigate the many nuances of growth in leadership.

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This is a book I would recommend to young people that are deciding they want to serve the public in leadership when they are of age. It is also a great read for those of us that are facing challenges in the area of our career goals and need direction. Stacey Abrams is very transparent in the struggles she has faced, and the personal adjustments she had to make. She is very personable in this book and openly shares her mistakes. After reading this book I was able to pinpoint mistakes I needed to correct and learned how to better present myself in areas I never thought needed work.

Overall, the book is an inspiration, a call to leadership, and it challenges the will of the reader. Basically, if we have the will, or the grit, we can aspire to leadership and accomplish that goal. Please share this book with our young people, and those in our community that are advocating for positive change but need direction as to how to get to their destination.

Lead From The Outside: How to Build Your Future and Make Real Change” by Stacey Abrams is available on Amazon and anywhere books are sold.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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