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As Black History Month 2020 Comes to a Close What Do We Do Next.

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( Black History Month 2020 is at its close. It can be a time to reflect on what we’ve learned, if anything new, and what we would like to bring to the table in 2021. Yes, black history is American history, and it is everyday history. However, what can we do now to push the conversation and action forward for our community spiritually, culturally, politically, and socially? I remember an elder sharing her understanding of black history month; that it was a time to come together to talk about what we had learned that was not known.

Yes, it was a time for commemoration of achievement, and to remember the past; it was also rooted in the present. It sounded like something that should be hosted on college campuses and in community centers. There is so much coming up this year, elections and all, and black people will be affected. If black history is truly 365, and made every day, that can’t simply be a saying it must transfer into the action one takes within self and community.

The business of our people must be a priority and organizing much be done in a timely fashion. What I find off putting is there are too many spaces whereby we are trying to decide what to do for Black History Month in late January, and during the month itself. We know when February is coming, but far too often this time is not given the preparation it deserves. If we look at community we must ask how many other forums and events are needed that are thrown together last minute. If we want others to respect the matters dear to us we must do so first. Granted, I know this isn’t the case in every community, but it happens far too often. We know it is so because in February we end up regurgitating the same historical facts with the sprinkling in of a few new things. February should be loaded with all the work out people have done in the calendar year while connecting it to the spirit of our ancestors.

It is important that we pay attention to the direction we are taking as it will affect the young people coming up behind us. We must give them a path, and something to work with as the ancestors gave us. No one has given, nor is asking for perfection…simply the moving forward of a people. This happens with trial and error, mistakes, exploration, scholarly work, community outreach, and a lot of patience and heart. Start today to prepare for Black History Month 2021.

Think about the authors you’ve encountered that the others should read, the debates that need to be had, programs that can be enhances or started, schools that need help, and many other projects that can be a discussion in 2021. We all know the election is coming up, and we must get out and vote, yet there is so much more that we must also work towards. I like the idea of coming together in February to look at and acknowledge what has been down in the past 12 months to move our people forward. It will allow us to never have to question the relevance of Black History Month.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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