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Car Buying Tips for Family Men.

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( When you settle down and start to take your duty as a family man seriously, your priorities are probably going to change a little. No more late nights staying at the club until 3 am, no more ditching date night to meet with your buddies for drinks, and no more cruising around in your hot rod laughing at the speed limit as you tear down the highway. Family life comes with a serious step up in responsibility, and it’s a transition every man needs to go through in his journey to grow, and grow closer to God.

Your ride is central to your lifestyle. It’s not just how you get around, but also a serious statement about your character. So, in order to better become a family man, it’s important to pick out the ideal car. In this post, we’ll cover some essential tips for picking the best family man car you can. Check them out.

Safety first

We all remember that first car we loved so much. Chipped red paint, 10 years old, no hubcaps – and you drive it fast as heck. While old faithful might have been good for the antics of your teens and early twenties, a family man has to focus on responsibility, and must upgrade his ride to reflect that. When you find an auto dealer that strikes your fancy, be sure to ask the salesman about safety. Your girl, your kids – they come first. You want to know that as you drive the family around town, from school to the movies to soccer practice and beyond, they are as safe as can be.

Plenty of space

That Camaro may look like a dream come true, but with two seats and a trunk the size of a backpack, you’re not fitting a family’s worth of stuff in there. A man needs a car that looks good, but you need space for your kids and all their stuff, too. When you head to the park or the beach for a BBQ, you want to easily be able to pack all your things in the trunk without having a grill on your kids’ lap.

You could get yourself a nice hatchback sedan with enough space in the back for your family’s stuff, but if you want to seriously max-out space, a crossover or van might be ideal. With ample room for camping supplies, cookout gear, sports equipment and more, leisure fun with the whole family will be much easier to plan.


The last thing you want is to be standing on the side of the road, kids yelling, your wife giving you that look (you know the one), as you wait for the tow truck to arrive. A family man needs a reliable car that he can depend on day after day, whether that’s on your commute to work or heading to the beach for a family vacation.

Certain cars are more reliable than others. While it might feel good to buy American, many Japanese cars actually have a much better track record for reliability – Hondas and Subarus tend to be some of the longest-lasting, most reliable cars on the market. That could mean you get lower rates when shopping insurance coverage, too. Give those cars a second look next time you’re thinking of getting a new ride.

Value first

When you’re a family man, your budget should reflect it. While it might be nice to treat yourself to a vanity car, one that will turn heads as you cruise past, the reality is that your family’s finances must come first. There are plenty of affordable options out there for a family man on a budget, and it’s a good idea to spend a reasonable amount of money on a safe and reliable car rather than one that elevates your ego.

You should also keep in mind the gas mileage and resale value. That big truck may make you look tough, but you’ll be feeling weak when you open your wallet to see it’s empty from all the gas you’ve been buying. Make sure you check out the car’s fuel economy when you buy – or, look into electric cars that sidestep gas costs altogether.

Making the transition into being a family man is a big step in your journey. Buying the right car to suit that responsibility is a key step – so by reading this, you’re alright on the right path.

Staff Writer; Greg Parker

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