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The FBI says New Orleans is not the Most Dangerous City in Louisiana.

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( Every time I look up someone is telling me how dangerous New Orleans is, and they question why I live here. Ironically I hear this a lot from residents across the state of Louisiana as much as I do from others. If I were listening to others…this city is a cesspool of violence and no good thing other than a party can come from it. There are many native New Orleanians that would move back home but they have been told to stay away because New Orleans is no good for anyone…it would be better if they live in another part of the state or move somewhere else completely. When I look online I see the reports of crime in my city, and I see them in many other progressive cities. There are many people that have lived in New Orleans all of their life, and have raised families, without being the victims of crime. Everyone here isn’t a drug dealer, thief, or murderer. Furthermore, all crime in this city isn’t committed by black people.

When the FBI made public its top 10 most dangerous cities in Louisiana I expected to see my city at number one or in the top three. I thought Baton Rouge would also be on that list. I was completely flabbergasted to see neither city on the list, and the names of cities I wouldn’t have thought of. I saw cities that have been deemed so much better than New Orleans. It is a concern when crime is high anywhere, but it feels like what is black about New Orleans is the target. No one talks about Leesville, Marksville, or Alexandria when there is a discussion of violent and property crime. If someone were to mention them without the FBI report you’d think that person was joking. However, those and many of the cities on the list are dealing with serious drug problems, poverty due to a lack of drugs, and that is a combination from violence.

This isn’t about shaming other cities in Louisiana; this is about the state (and those outside of it) deciding they want to label New Orleans as the worst place to live here. This is about trying to drag New Orleans while coming to the city to enjoy events…and contributing to crime in Orleans Parish. Bringing this to light is about acknowledging that black people, and arguably the most predominately black city in the state, is not the only place violence occurs…contrary to the belief of some we aren’t savage.

Every city is doing what it can, we’d hope, to better the life of it’s residence. Many places are struggling to bring jobs to their cities, and drugs are a crisis issue all over this country. There are cities that some love to target not to bring light to an issue, but to degrade the citizens. Many cities that have high black populations are automatically deemed violent and places you shouldn’t want to live or raise a family. This kind of racism needs to stop. New Orleans has a lot of room for improvement. As with most cities it can stand to continue working on lowering crime, bettering education, and dealing with infrastructure problems. However, it’s rich in culture and there are a lot of great people that live here. This city is home to six 4year universities, and a wonderfully rich culture. We aren’t the worse place in the state to live at all. Let’s stop spreading untruths and contribute to the upliftment of cities and their citizens.

Staff Writer; Chelle’ St James

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