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Book Review; Children of Virtue and Vengeance is an Amazing Sequel.

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( Fantasy fiction has become a seriously preferred genre. The idea that we can get away in the book to places that don’t exist…but they exist. We are confronted with mystical characters that we fall in love with, or hate, but our relationship to them is based on what we believe or battle in the world. Fantasy fiction, as it always has, allows us to face some of the most painful realities and experiences in life from a safe place. Far too often the fantasy fictions books that are deemed successful and popular are written by white author’s. They tell stories that we can still love and understand, but we don’t have the experience whereby we face our personal understanding of the world. When I read Harry Potter or Game of Things I love them as good stories, but I’m aware it’s not my story. I relate to the human struggles, and even historical ties. However, this isn’t a space for me to understand the black experience; it isn’t about  what makes our people magical, and the terrors they face.

Tomi Adeyemi’s Children of Flesh and Bone introduced readers to what they had been missing in fantasy fiction. Finally, he had an amazing story centered around black culture and that experience.  It was loaded with magic, characters we could love or hate, and a storyline that allowed the reader to consider themselves in a safe space. Once the reading was done many looked up asking….where is the next book. The next book has arrived!

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Tomi Adeyemi surpassed our expectations with her follow up book “Children of Virtue and Vengeance”. This story was we’ll put together with more twists to our favorite characters. I appreciate the book making me read for the outcome. It’s not a situation nowhere you can predict what is going to happen next. Though you will find no spoilers here…this was an exhilarating yet hauntingly uncomfortable read. You might find yourself so into the book that you almost want to throw it with tears flowing down your eyes that you were not aware of. Adeyemi writes in a way that allows the reader to see the story. The use of language is fluid and the book is a page turner.

Black history month celebrates the best we offer in every area. To be honest, as sure as we’re American”, this is something that shouldn’t be restricted to one month. This is a book that will force you to think about how we respond to community, why we’re here, and how we got here. Adults will enjoy the book as well as young readers. It might be advanced for younger children unless you are going to read with them…which would be great for the child. I asked at the end of the last book, and I have the same question…when is the next book.

Please check out this book. It can also be good for a book club and discussion. I do highly suggest reading “Children of Flesh and Bone” before reading the second book as they don’t read as stand alone books. Reading “Children of Virtue and Vengeance first will be going into the story with without information that’s necessary to understanding the current storyline. You won’t regret reading this book, and sharing it with your family.

Tomi Adeyemi’s “Children of Virtue and Vengeance” can be found on Amazon, anywhere books are sold.

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