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Atlanta, GA – Dangerous and Deadly.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) When you think of your life being in danger maybe Chicago on the wrong side of town comes to mind. Or maybe New York rises to the top of the crime chart in your mind. Or maybe even homelessness stirs up images all over Los Angeles. But Atlanta, GA rivals them all and then some. So it’s time the truth is known, the truth they are hiding in the good old ATL.

Yes Atlanta had the 96 Olympics and a recent Super Bowl. Yes Atlanta has Six Flags and the Mercedes Benz Stadium Arena. Yes Atlanta has the Braves, still called by the same name even though they left Atlanta and moved to Cobb County outside of the city in part because of the crime in Atlanta. Braves fans did not like have a hot dog and a car-jacking at the same time. In 2015 Atlanta announced they were tracking almost 200 gangs or variations of gangs, including MS-13, the Bloods and the Crips. In 2019 the police department was tracking over 150 gangs (or variations and they knew of over 120 active sets. Yet what did the Mayor of Atlanta do? She unofficially and quietly disbanded the Gang Task Force.

The Fulton County Jail in Atlanta has been overcrowded for years. And while the city jail did relieve some of that overcrowding, what did the “honorable” Mayor do?  She set plans in motion to convert the city jail to something totally different. There is a major drug trafficking problem in Atlanta, but what did the Mayor do? She shut down the Drug Task Force.

Atlanta is huge in sex trafficking, largely because of the runaways who come to Atlanta, the largest/busiest airport in the world, the constant shortage of police officers and a bunch of county commissioners and city council people who should not even hold their positions.

Yet the political officials of Atlanta and Fulton county which it sits in keep getting re-elected and spending more time in “meetings” and photo-ops than getting any real work done for the people of Atlanta. They are re-elected again and again based on name recognition and each term many of them become more and more complacent, lazy and status quo. And if their productivity was even close to the size of their egos, Atlanta and Fulton County that it sits in would be a much better place. Is this true of every single local politician in Atlanta? No. but it is true of most of them in the city and the county.

The police department is constantly overwhelmed and understaffed. Their command staff stays in meetings all the time to avoid doing any real work. And the police chief is more of a status quo “keep quiet and keep my head down” team player whose main job seems to be keeping her job. People have been raped in the public libraries and on college campuses in the student library by homeless people. One top university in Atlanta has over 33,000 students but less than 300 police officers so you do the math when it come to safety for students.

The city council and the mayor don’t get along. The city and the county don’t get along. Egos are enormous and you cannot get anything done unless you are part of the click. Atlanta is “black face“, meaning black people are in positions of power in the city council, the mayor’s office, the police department, the county commission and the Sheriff’s department but the white people actually have the real power. They are the actual puppet masters behind the scenes and the power of Atlanta is controlled from an upscale mostly white area called Buckhead.

What about the movie industry? Yes its booming, both movie and television shows. That is a big plus but while Tyler Perry is also in Atlanta, he knows his place and his limitations. And Perry never steps outside of his boundaries, as quiet as that is kept.

There are plenty of strips clubs and yes the dancers will have sex with the patrons in the actual clubs. But AIDS is also booming on the lower economic south side and strip clubs are full of strippers who will give you an STD for the “low low“. The homeless live under bridges and in tent cities. And many of the organizations that claim to help the homeless are quick to get contracts with the city then pay themselves as much of the money as they use to help the homeless, if not more. The shelters are packed. Predators are lurking in places you would never expect. And the afternoon news sound like a crime drama.

All of this is hidden from tourists, corporations and visitors in order to create a fake narrative of Atlanta as a safe city. And the sad part is that the citizens often believe the lie just as quick until crime hits home. You even see white people walking their dogs until one or both are missing.

Atlanta is the city of perpetrators, pretenders and wannabees. There are so many people with titles because they knew somebody instead of having the real qualifications. That is why the Atlanta public school system is a train wreck. And before they refused to renew her contract, the Atlanta Public Schools Superintendent was making over $450,000 a year. All the while schools were still failing. The Atlanta Board of Education is full of unqualified people and all of them combined couldn’t tell you how long a 60 minute TV show will last.

Yet everybody has their perpetrator game face on and yes, they know how to look busy. But look at the numbers and you will see these people have not really improved anything. I have lived in Atlanta all my life and I have seen it go straight into the toilet where it lives present day. My suggestion? don’t move to Atlanta. Opportunity for you is in Atlanta. But that also includes the opportunity for you to get scammed, robbed, car-jacked, infected by AIDS and sex or human trafficked. This is the real Atlanta.

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw


9 Responses to “Atlanta, GA – Dangerous and Deadly.”
  1. Arjun Singh says:

    Great post thanks for posting such valuable information with us all. Nice work and keep sharing such amazing information with us all.

  2. Trevo Craw says:

    Facts people. this article is based on facts, not foolishness and people who are like this Mecca character. He tries to distract people by throwing in politics. Nice try Mecca-man.


    The link above shows that the current Mayor disbanded the drug task force because of so much gang violence. But gangs are also into selling drugs so how dumb was her move?

    As for the crime stats, Atlanta never, ever combines city of Atlanta crime stats with Lithonia. That is way outside of the city. Where did Mecca get that from? So Mecca I suggest you do as someone suggested, learn about UCR, NIBRS and the difference.

  3. Solomon says:

    Hey Black Think You Mecca,

    I see people with a mind are knocking you out with that bullshit you talking. I live on the southside of Atlanta and fro Buckhead to Bankhead (Hollowell), it is bad. And don’t try me because my house is in a gated community, paid for and 4,228 sq ft. Where do you live? What do you do other than try to sound like you know something?

    Somebody should explain crime statistics to you. Lithonia combined with Atlanta? That is a lie. I work for a law firm and we would laugh you right out of the building with that BS.

    Atlanta crime data’s primary source is the Atlanta Police Department. He didn’t say Metro-Atlanta. He said Atlanta, the city you doorknob. And crime rates are also by zip code but compiled by APD, sent to the GBI and FBI. What the Hell are you talking about? Read a book.

  4. Joseph43 says:

    To C0nfused Black Mecca,

    Have you even been to Mecca? I have. You are as fake in your pseudo-intellect as an 8 dollar bill. I live just outside Atlanta and yes the article is correct. As for your #3 point, people may live intents elsewhere but the article is about Atlanta, not elsewhere. Try to keep up. Go elsewhere

    The conditions are bad in Atlanta. The crime is awful. Traffic accidents are rampant. Car-jacking, prostitution, sex trafficking, home invasions all bad. And yes the Mayor disbanded the drug task force. Do you even know why dumb ass? So it could focus on the violent crime. Wake up and get the facts.

    Political party has nothing to do with the article that man wrote. Facts are facts. But then again since you insult him by calling names, you must be a Trump beyatch living in denial without a brain.

  5. Jamal H says:

    To The Black Mecca,

    I am a stats analyst and I don’t know where you are getting your info but it is not accurate. The article is on point. Try looking up the Atlanta UCR stats then the new NIBRS stats. They are not allowed to lump Lithonia in with city of Atlanta. The FBI and GBI analyzer the stats you idiot. You are just trying to sound like you know something but you don’t. And I guess you think the facts about sex trafficking are understated too, don’t you Get real.

    To Darius,

    What the f are you talking about. This is factual data, not personal shit. Are you really that stupid that you cannot tell the difference. I am in Atlanta and can verify that shit as all true.

  6. TheBlackMecca says:

    1) Atlanta crime data has many different sources. Reports have it at #17 while the FBI doesn’t even have it on the top 25. Too often extremely isolated spots such as Old National Highway or even entirely separate regions such as Lithonia are lumped in. Crime rates are concentrated in specific areas, not the entire city itself.

    2) AIDS is completely over-stated in Atlanta. I have never met, seen or heard anybody that has AIDS. Neither have their families, not the churches or youth centers. That virus is secondarily-sourced from the CDC headquarters (See the Brazil “accident”). Places far worse then us like San Francisco are curiously free. Need I remind you AIDS is a virus created by men and has a patent for it? Research Bio-Weapon projects, now think back to Tuskegee.

    3) “The Homeless live in Bridges and Tent Cities”
    That is every city in modern day 2020 or even 2016 or 2006.
    Another pointless overly-generic-statement. It is not an epidemic, just because you see 7 tents near spaghetti junction.

    4) Stop the generic reporting of the data. You sound like the liberals and their russian “manipulation” of the results. One needs to be nuanced, not single-brained.

    What part of Atlanta are you even from?

  7. Darius says:

    Wow….Damn! Who scammed you, broke your hart, and gave you Aids? I thought this was a serious publication/article… Not a blog for random people to rant about their personal experiences… oh wait… it says staff writer ? gezzsh!

  8. Trevo Craw says:

    Seth you seriously need the facts. Come to the ATL and see for yourself.

  9. Seth Coleman says:

    Dude, you SERIOUSLY need a hug. LOLOLOL

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