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Long Pixie Cut Ideas That Are Hot This Year.

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( A long pixie cut is the best pixie haircut variation if you don’t want to wear a bob or a pixie. This amazing hairstyle has been spotted by many celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry. It is undoubtedly an exceptional haircut that everyone wants to wear. The long pixie haircut is an ideal hairstyle for ladies with busy lifestyles.

It needs little upkeep, and it takes little time to style. You can also choose to include feathery or face-framing layers and match it with an edgy undercut for a stylish look. You can wear it curly or straight, ruffled or smooth. Regardless of how you choose to wear it, you will have fabulous results. Here are fantastic ideas for long pixie cut styles to inspire you.

1. Fun Extended Undercut Pixie Haircut.

You will definitely want to rock a pixie cut when you see this extended undercut hairstyle. The hairstyle is made unique by the flawless pairing of the blue hair with the deep side part. The haircut has an excellent asymmetrical pixie cut on long hair and works excellently on the textured hair and looks great on all kinds of complexion. If you want to look unique and stand out from the crowd, then this is the right pixie cut to choose.

2. Asymmetrical Long Pixie Cut.

For the ladies who want to maintain their natural hair yet showcase an edgy pixie cut, this is the right choice for you. The unevenness of this haircut and the fabulous natural texture works pretty well in accentuating and balancing the face shape.

3. Long Layered Pixie Cut for Round Faces.

The defining feature of this long layered pixie haircut is all about texture. It is styled with asymmetrical extended bangs that work pretty well on ladies with broad face shapes since they bring an impression of a narrow face. If you need a softer and cuter look, then go for some waves on this hairstyle.

Choppy layers provide more flattering choices for short haircuts and ladies who are not utterly comfortable with short length styles.

4. Cool Long Curly Pixie.

Looking for the best pixie haircut that can take you from an office to a Friday night club? Well, this daring and chic long pixie is the right option for you. It is suitable for ladies with naturally curly hair. It is all about volume and definition. Leave some hair in front for a sexy touch!

5. Modern Shaggy Pixie Haircut and Side Bangs.

One of the key reasons why women opt for super cute and short hairstyles is that they are easy to style and also to maintain. This lived-in style is tousled enough to be fashionable. It is ideal for modern ladies with thick or curly hair.

6. Edgy Long Pixie Haircut.

A long pixie cut is an excellent option for short haircuts. Maintain the manes trimmed and shaped during the the-grow out process. Utilise the shadow roots if you need to enhance dimension for the fine hair.

7. Long Pixie Haircut for Women with Naturally Curly Hair.

This is the best pixie cut hairstyle for the ladies with naturally curly hair. It brings out your facial features in an amazing way. It is one of the best ways you can minimise the maintenance that comes with curly hair. Extended pixie cuts that utilise curls offer an extra texture that brings attention to the facial features.

8. Choppy Long Pixie Haircut for Women with Fine Hair.

When you see this haircut, you will definitely want to chop off your manes and rock this sleek and lustrous layered pixie. Keeping long hair on top with lots of bangs allows you a lot of versatility when it comes to the styling of your long pixie haircut.

9. Long Pixie for Black Women.

If you are considering a long pixie, then you should consider your face shape and hairline. From that, you can choose various variations of the pixie cut depending on such features. Some will look great on black women with curly hair while others rock those with straight hair. You can also consider hair products to moisturise your hair. That will give your hair enough shine.

Staff Writer; Doug Moore

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