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Job Getting Stale? Try This!

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( It can be hard to believe, but there are people who love what they do for a living. Often though, even loving what you do, the job can still get stale and a bit boring. So if you know you do not want to move, or if you can’t move from one job to the next, what can you do? The answer is easy; the choice is yours. It might not be easy to make that choice, but it is great to have options. These options can help you take the stale out of the job you love.

Get More Education

One of the easiest ways to make work come alive again is to get more education in your field. Don’t think that you can’t. It helps to be refreshed on what we are doing. Everyone’s mind grows lazy when there is a lot of repetition. Boredom happens at every level of the job. Jobs like paramedics, teachers, and store management, can get really repetitious. It does not take a lot to find relevant night classes, weekend classes, or online classes that will help you increase or refresh your knowledge of your career. You can Google Paramedic Recertification and Continuing Education if you are a paramedic and want more knowledge or have stepped away from the field for a bit. There is plenty of online help to help you increase knowledge in your field.

Start a Small Side Job

There is the knowledge that you have gained by being in the job you are in. If you are tired of the job, you probably picked up the repetition. You can do several things. If you take a moment, maybe you can invent something on the side that can make your job easier. You can invent something else on the side. You can also take a side job in the field you are in that will make you more money. You have options. Just find time to open your mind about the whole situation and see where you can go. Make sure that you do not get too tired so you hurt your main job for any reason. It does not hurt to try and if your side job impedes your energy. If it doesn’t, you can always quit your side job.

Try to Advance in the Field

There is always a position that is better pay than yours. Even CEOs have somewhere to go. Look at where you might want to rise within the ranks of your company, your career, or town. By setting your sites on a higher position within your field, you will lively up your present position. You can find out what you need to do to move forward and do it.

Ask For a Raise

Asking for a raise is a win-win situation. Meaning that sometimes you will get a “yes” and sometimes you will get a, “Well, if you do this then you will get a raise.” If you are bored, you probably have the energy to do whatever it is they ask you to do to get your raise. If they say no, then no harm done. Also, if they say no, then you might be thinking,”Do I really want to stay here?” It is important to open up a dialogue with the company you work for so you can think about the future and where you are going.

Being bored with your job can be damaging to your overall well being. Hobbies are good to offset boredom, but sometimes it is not enough. To keep your mind awake and alive, try something new. Trying something new within the confines of the safety net you already have is a good way to move forward. Don’t be afraid to ask, find out, and learn. There is a lot of research you can do online as well to help you through your need to pull yourself out of job boredom. Learning is exciting and you never know where your curiosity will lead you. Usually, job curiosity leads to more money and a lot more satisfaction in your career.

Staff Writer; Greg Washington

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