Saturday, April 4, 2020

Will Donald Trump Betray Us After Corona?

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Tweet ( Some people are stunned that government using computer models to predict high corona virus deaths has many Americans willing to gift Democrats/fake news media their lifelong dream of ending the U.S. Constitution. Panic-stricken citizens want everyone non-compliant to immediate dictatorial government demands thrown into jail. Consequently,... [Read more...]

Advantages & Disadvantages of Additive Manufacturing Today.

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Tweet ( Manufacturing is an industry practically defined by rapid innovation. This is true in terms of the nature of products coming off the line, as well as the processes companies use to meet demand, streamline operational costs and optimize revenue. Manufacturers ill equipped to look ahead — and harness these product and process... [Read more...]

How to Spot Fake CBD?

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Tweet ( Cannabidiol or CBD is a type of scientific substance that is safe for people’s consumption. In fact, it offers a lot of therapeutic benefits that are beneficial for treating a wide variety of disorders and ailments. In case you didn’t many people have been benefited from utilizing this substance. Yes, natural CBD... [Read more...]

The President Andrew Cuomo Fantasy!!

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Tweet ( How nervous are some Democrats about Joe Biden’s chances against President Trump this November? Nervous enough to entertain the notion that another Democrat — New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo — might swoop in and save the day. Cuomo, who has been governor for nearly a decade and has one of the most famous names in... [Read more...]

The Coronavirus: What Would Sen. Joe Biden Do?

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Tweet ( Many Democrats and much of the media claim that President Donald Trump has mishandled and continues to mishandle the response to the coronavirus pandemic. But a Johns Hopkins study found the United States is better prepared for a pandemic than any other country. Released in October 2019, the Global Health Security Index examined... [Read more...]

Dwyane Wade Family; The Trouble With A little bit of Knowledge.

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Tweet ( At some point in our lives we experience it. The individual with just enough information to make a point that sounds sensible but no real foundational information to defend it. A great quote by Eraldo Banovac is “Superficial knowledge is potentially more dangerous than ignorance. It gives a false sense of security encouraging... [Read more...]

Donald Trump Is Working To ‘Flatten the curve’ Of Economic Slowdown.

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Tweet ( Ohio Governor Mike DeWine’s early and aggressive response to the coronavirus pandemic helped Ohio minimize the damage from a public health perspective. Similarly, President Trump is preparing the entire country for a rapid post-COVID economic resurgence, even while he works to provide state and local leaders the resources they... [Read more...]

Is the Pandemic Killing Joe Biden’s Bid?

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Tweet ( “This is the question that is going to dominate the election: How did you perform in the great crisis?” So says GOP Congressman Tom Cole of Oklahoma in today’s New York Times. GOP National Committeeman Henry Barbour of Mississippi calls the crisis “a defining moment… The more (Trump) reassures Americans,... [Read more...]

Sen. Bernie Sanders Is Showing His True Colors.

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Tweet ( In spite of the fact that Bernie doesn’t have a chance in hell of winning the nomination, instead of coming to help support the effort to get rid of a man who is so corrupt and delusional that he approached a German firm trying to buy the EXCLUSIVE rights to a cure to a world pandemic, Bernie is stomping his feet and complaining... [Read more...]

Do We Really Value Living.

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Tweet ( I remember once being told to “live my best life”. Right now, living my best life means staying home, stilling my mind, working as much as I can, relaxing in the process, and above all else trusting God during this very difficult time. Think about what that will mean for you. So many people believe they value life, they value... [Read more...]

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