Post COVID-19 Recovery: Places to Travel to Find Your Lost Self.

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( We are living in weird times. Everything seems like a science fiction movie. An alien force has invaded our planet, no one is safe, and everyone is forced to live in their homes. Yes, I am talking about the time we are living amidst COVID-19 havoc. Now things are becoming normal (I wonder if we can call them normal!). But thinking back about that time, just ask yourself: have you really lived that time?

That lockdown period was a trauma for everyone when it seemed that your life, happiness, color, and everything in between was slipping from your fingers. At that time, if you felt that something is fading in you, you are losing the purpose of life, and a part of you is scurrying away from you, then you are not alone. Most of the world is undergoing a post-traumatic situation, and coming back to ‘normal’ seems impossible.


Before this post-traumatic condition gets on your nerves, it is time to think of ways to recover your wounded soul and traumatized mind. And what can be better than traveling to places where you can get lost to find yourself?

Here are given some places that can give you a new perspective of life and change your thinking patterns:

Oia, Greece:

There is something enigmatic in the whitewashed world of Oia that oozes serenity and chastity. You go there, and someone inside you yells out: yes, that’s where I always wanted to be. You start forgetting your previous self, and it seems someone new is taking birth in you who is tied to the white Cycladic houses and blue painted dome churches of Oia. Its picturesque beauty and calm vibes touch chords of your heart, and it starts beating on a new tune that you have never heard before.

Cairo, Egypt

When you think of Egypt, the first thing that strikes your mind is of a deserted place where life seems to be embedded under the huge pyramids. Well, that’s what you have seen in the movies. Cairo is way more than a city sleeping on the River Nile. It is the perfect place to get lost and rewind your mind with new experiences and life’s meaning. You can easily find Egypt travel packages and see for yourself what I am saying is right.

If the Great Sphinx and the Pyramids of Giza knock out your heart with the vastness of the world, Salah El-Din Citadel gives you an insight into history. When there are so many experiences to encounter, you don’t find time to think of anything else, and you start digging out your lost inner self while wandering in the streets of Cairo.

Vadhoo Island, Maldives

The Maldives is a small island, but its stunning beauty is so vast that you feel like drowning in its spell-bounding enigma. And when you want to see the height of Maldives beauty, then nothing can beat Vadhoo Island. Its water turns into sparkling stars due to marine bioluminescence, and you can spend hours while gazing at this beauty while thinking: Ah, nature is mind-blowing!

Staff Writer; Paul Washington