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5 Things to Learn from Your Broken Relationships.

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( Sometimes you have to learn the hard way and your broken relationships could be your best teacher. How you deal with a breakup tells a lot about you. There are some who learn something from past relationships, and there are some who just let the cycle continue.

Past relationships are a treasure chest and you can find many learning opportunities if you ask questions. Why did it happen? What went wrong? Where did you fail as a partner? What lessons did you learn? You need to look inside to get the answers. This article will highlight 5 important things that you can learn from broken relationships.

Real love is not seasonal

If you have given enough time to someone and they are still not sure whether they want to be with you for the rest of their life, don’t waste your time waiting for them. Real love is not seasonal and if it demands you to try beyond reasonable limits, it’s not real. Love those that love you back and don’t waste time on people who can’t make a decision even after spending months and years together. Be with someone that values your love and doesn’t appear only when it is convenient.

Just ‘talking’ is not communication

There are two things that you must learn from the past. First, if there’s a communication gap, the relationship won’t last very long. Second, just talking about general things is not communication. Couples often avoid talking about things that they feel are “too much.” They avoid talking about marriage, finances, kids, each other’s family, career plans, short and long-term goals, etc. Putting things off for the future doesn’t make any sense.

Being comfortable doesn’t mean it’s love

It feels good when you find someone who shares the same interests as you do, but that doesn’t mean you should be with them. There’s a fine line between loving someone and being comfortable around someone. Being comfortable or infatuated with someone is like seeing them in an unrealistic light where you find them perfect. Love, on the other hand, is about seeing the flaws and accepting them.

Keep your eyes open

When we fall in love, we listen deeply to what they say and often overlook their actions. The possibility of dreams coming true makes us ignore the facts. People often stay in a bad relationship thinking that love will make things better. They keep doing their best to love their partner and this cycle goes on. Anyone who is in a relationship, trying to get into one or have failed in the past, should remember one thing: love with your eyes wide open. Let there be some room for truth, clarity, and facts.

Rushing now will slow down your eventual recovery

The thought of being alone is scary and that’s why a lot of people rush into a relationship. Those who are being rushed into a relationship know that it’s unnatural. They cloud their emotions and often choose to ignore how they actually feel. Rushing into a relationship leads to bigger problems. Not only it pushes people away from you, but it also creates unhealthy relationships. Even if you are in a committed relationship like marriage, you won’t be you and you’ll miss out on many special moments.

Even if you find a perfect person, mistakes can lead to awkward moments and make your partner feel uncomfortable. If you want to be with someone and see the love grow, be careful. Sometimes, what seems small can either strengthen or break your relationship.

Over to you

There are many things in the past that you wish you would have done differently. The good thing is that the chapter has closed. All the feelings, emotions, actions, and outcomes are now in that treasure chest. Now you have to look at it and reframe the past to improve yourself and to improve the way you look at things.

Staff Writer; Corey Shaw

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