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Hearing Your Inner Voice in a Loud Business World.

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( You become the average of the five people you spend most of your time with. And the same goes for who you listen to even if it’s your inner voice or the people around you. It’s much harder to ignore or dismiss the voice coming from people, but sometimes it’s much needed. Sometimes, you need nothing else than listening to your inner voice carefully. In the business world, people often choose to ignore their inner voice because they don’t see others listening to their inner voice. Soon it becomes a habit and the voice doesn’t matter to them anymore.

Most of us can’t hear our own inner voice because the loudness of the corporate world takes over. Since we are taught to keep business and emotions separate, our inner voice that often comes through emotions is mostly ignored. But despite all this, deep inside, you know that you can no longer run away from your inner voice. Sometimes it acts like a mirror giving you an unbiased reflection of reality. So, why ignore? It’s a natural power we all are blessed with and there’s no reason to waste it. So when and how can you listen to your inner voice?

When starting something new

To start something new, you just need to go with it and enjoy the journey through the ups and downs as they appear. Sounds easy but unfortunately, that’s not how you do things especially when you are starting a new business or looking for a job that requires skills, time, and dedication. Many times, we believe what we hear from people. If someone tells you that your business idea is meaningless or your career choices are risky, it’s hard not to think your decisions are bad. It helps if you listen to your inner voice and see what it tells you. It doesn’t have to be the only part of your decision-making process, but remember that most of the problems start when you listen to the loud voices coming from outside sources.

When you feel lost

When was the last time you thought about your best qualities, skills, and abilities? Or, when was the last time you stopped and looked at things from your own point of view without thinking about what others expect to hear from you? Whenever you feel lost, simply stop and be in the moment. Don’t be so focused on what others expect from you that you stop listening to your inner voice or don’t do what’s right. Listen to your inner wisdom so you may get something powerful from your soul, some inspirational thoughts or some unexplainable feelings that bring you back on the right track. This isn’t to say you should ignore the opinions of others, but mix your inner voice too to see what happens.

When taking up new challenges

We all want to be experts at reading others’ minds. We want to play safe as much as possible because we have our own fears, our own biases, and intentions. When it comes to taking up new challenges in life, sometimes, even the inner voice wants us to do things that we find scary. We hesitate and question those choices despite knowing the fact that we can’t stay away from problems for a long time. Sometimes, those difficult choices launch us toward a life that is filled with joy and fulfillment and when you take the step, you learn and grow the most.

When you start something or get ready to face challenges, remember that you cannot stop other people to voice their opinion. Their ideas may influence your ideas and that’s absolutely fine. The best thing is, you can always choose whether to listen to them or not. When other people’s thoughts hack your ideas, make sure to filter them and mix with the best of your inner thoughts and see how things happen.

Staff Writer; Corey Shaw

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