When Kanye West Cut Donald Trump Lose I’ll Listen.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Politics aside this current president is everything a president should not embody. He’s a blatant liar, racist, he doesn’t care about the wellbeing of this nation nor its citizens, he doesn’t care about children, he doesn’t care about veterans…he just doesn’t care about anyone. There are man white evangelicals that stand with this man and his administration, and I can’t respect any of them. This man is blatantly against the principles of Christianity, and none of these people will make me believe they don’t know this. The church is just a place to take advantage of weak-minded white people that want to be superior, and weak-minded black people with no sense of self-worth.

None of this is about God nor his Word. Kanye West has been spiriting a super-sized ego for a long time. If he has mental health issues, I hope he gets better, but he’s said plenty of things that I simply can’t deal with. Of course, we all remember the fall out behind slavery being a choice, then this man put on a MAGA hat and came out in support of a man that would curse him behind his back…while condoning the brutality black people face from the police.

Now, there are black people willing to make a case for Kanye because he’s a Christian and wants to do gospel music now. He’s basically having church concerts now, and because the beat’s tight everything is forgiven because anyone can change. First and foremost, wasn’t Kanye a Christian when “Jesus Walks” came out. Yes, he was…so I guess the backsliding is what he’s been delivered from. If I don’t trust Paula White because of her relationship to the president…how can I trust what’s happening with Kanye? Why are we acting like some of us can’t be manipulated through music? Are we going to keep the same energy for Kanye that we displayed with black pastors that sat with this president? I just need our people in the church to make up their mind, and not be led astray by a tight beat. Is the beat worth biblical principle? The bottom line is I don’t want to hear anything Kanye has to say for as long as he supports this president. if one believes in the biblical teachings of Christ how can they support this administration? This remains the question too many people seem to want to dance around?

I’m not going to judge what Kanye believes or don’t, but I will say the finished works of Jesus Christ happened on Calvary, and that was the victory. The victory was won before Kanye was ever born on this earth, and him being the greatest artist God ever created is arrogant and debatable there is a bit too much going on with all of this. Maybe, before Kanye decides to become a leader in the faith, he should still himself, get his house in order, and look at what he supports. I know many will disagree, and I respect that. However, I’m not going to hold Kanye West to a lesser standard than any poster that we all know.

If a mega-church pastor begins to talk about God blessing him with a 68 million dollar tax return some of the same people justifying Kanye with tear down this pastor. In all fairness, there are some black folks speaking out against Kanye and questioning his motives. More of us need to realize God is nothing to play with, so I’m not taking the time to heat someone speak that is clearly double-minded. I just can’t take any of this serious until this administration is spoken against.

Staff Writer; Chelle’ St James

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