Why ESPN Stephen A. Smith And Others Like Him Should Be Silenced ‘By Any Means Necessary’.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) I am sure that no one is surprised that ESPN talking head Stephen A. Smith has once again become ensnared in a seemingly made for TV controversy. This time around it deals with the on-going saga of colluded against Quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Let’s be honest about Stephen A. Smith, he is basically paid to “talk shit” about Race to an audience that knows little more about racial matters than he does. I cringe at much of what I hear that he has said on some episode of ESPN.

In many ways, Stephen A. Smith is the luckiest Black man alive for the following reason. He is not unique in his penchant to “talk shit” for hours, if not weeks and months at a time. Truthfully, he is not much different from the droves of Black men who spend hours upon hours “talking shit” about Race, women, and sports in barbershops, sports bars, strip clubs, and any other place where loudmouth Negroes are found. It would be a gross overstatement to say that Black men such as Stephen A. Smith are a dime a dozen. His kind is much, much, much more common than that.

The latest reality-TV debate that Smith has manufactured via his over the top style involves all people, Hall of Fame wide receiver Terrell Owens. In response to a recent show regarding Colin Kaepernick’s latest ingenious escape from what appears to be the National Football League’s attempt to depict him as a washed-up quarterback whose skills have eroded to the point that his playing again is a ludicrous proposition, Owens proffered that Stephen A. Smith’s argument directed at Max Kellerman revealed him as a “company man” willing to do the bidding of ESPN. Owens’ words were intended to reveal Stephen A. Smith as the latest in a long line of Negroes willing to fight against the fight against racial bigotry and institutionalized racism on behalf of entities that have made such matters the most impactful element in the lives of Blacks. Smith responded to the charge with a to be expected dimwitted tweet that his position did not cancel his blackness. Despite what those who are new to serious discussions regarding Race may think, neither Owens’ charge nor Stephen A. Smith’s rebuttal is new arguments.

Terrell Owens’ charge is as common as the counter-argument issued by the ESPN commentator. This matter raises the following question. Is there an expectation for Blacks to adhere to a particular viewpoint? Are those “free-thinking” Blacks who refuse to do so destined to be ostracized by their contemporaries? The answers to the above questions are not clear cut.

Blacks such as Candace Owens, Clarence Thomas, and Stephen A. Smith whose perspective appear to resist what Khalid Abdul Muhammad termed “the liberation and salvation of the Black nation” have sought cover under a flimsy argument resting on calls for the need for a diversity of thoughts and voices within Black America. The words, ideas, and ideals of such figures who often classify themselves as Black Conservatives have repeatedly opposed politico-economic progress within Black America. Please do not consider the above an indictment against all Black Conservatives as it is intended to address the few who serve as a vocal minority whose ideologies malign the entire political perspective.

Despite the outcries of some, certainly not all, Black Conservatives who present themselves as the most recent victims of Stockholm Syndrome (they identify with and work to advance the agenda of those who dedicate their energies to the further exploitation and denigration of Black America) should be criticized, denounced, muted, and curtailed “by any means necessary.” The advised action has nothing to do with political censorship or calls for conformity and everything to do with the development of a political agenda aimed at advancing Black America’s interests.

I do not need to tell you that it is late in the game for Black America to entertain political voices that work against their interests. Those voicing political programs that threaten to keep progress for racial equality derailed are foolish. Experience has taught me that they are actually too foolish to be ashamed of their actions. Yet, they are comforted by the ransom that they are being paid by those who continue to devise strategies and seek alliances necessary to maintain their selfish stranglehold on precious resources.

Regardless of the venue, it is clear that figures such as Stephen A. Smith and Candace Owens will tell you that the show must go on because they have bills to pay. To hell with the rest of us as we continue to fight for the uplift of all.

Staff Writer; Dr. James Thomas Jones III

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