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How to Handle a Slip and Fall Injury.

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( We know that being injured isn’t a pleasant experience, but you should always be prepared. That’s why we’ve prepared a few quick pointers on how you can handle any injury, especially the life-changing ones.

Assess the Situation

It isn’t uncommon for serious injury to occur from slipping or falling. Even coffee bought from a store can leave a wound on a bad day. While visiting a doctor is always best, you probably want to avoid it for minor issues.

Open wounds are at risk of infection, clean them. If you’re bleeding, apply gentle pressure with a clean cloth. Rinse the area with water and use an antibiotic cream or ointment. Bandage the wound, and you’re good to go.

However, some situations that require immediate attention from a hospital are as follows. Open cuts with severe bleeding that won’t stop or slow down put you at risk of blood loss.

Sores that are deep, made by a bite or dirty object, gaping, or across a joint risk getting a severe infection that could cost you a limb.

Determine Who’s Fault an Accident Was

No one wants to be at fault for injuring another person. Medical bills are not cheap and can set you back quite a bit. If it wasn’t an incident that you’re responsible for, you might need to seek compensation if it isn’t offered. Many places put signs up stating your safety is at your own discretion.

However, other situations such as car accidents or negligence are beyond your control, and another person is responsible for the resulting injuries. Often, the side in the wrong can quickly admit their part in a situation.

Pursuing Legal Action

Next to medical fees are the legal fees involved in court and hiring a lawyer. While you have the option of representing yourself, being naive can result in lost money and a possible negative attitude towards future incidents involving yourself.

The best way to evaluate this is to look at the cost of medical bills and the cost of a lawyer. If you can’t afford both of these in the occurrence of a loss, you should proceed with caution. The legal effectiveness of the accused is also worth valuing. A big corporation will often have a legal team that’s skilled and experienced.

The website of Diamond & Diamond reminds us that “Problems such as inadequate lighting, leaking pipes that lead to slippery surfaces, uneven floor surfaces, or rotten deck boards could all contribute to a slip and fall accident.” Be mindful of any risks in the workplace and communicate anything you see with your supervisor or safety officer.

Final Thoughts

Your best way to handle personal injury is to be cautious and avoid it. Especially if it’s a situation where you’re putting yourself at risk. Sadly, some cases are unavoidable, but being alert to your surroundings will go a long way.

Staff Writer; Gary Parker

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