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(ThyBlackMan.com) At the beginning of Donald Trump’s campaign for the Presidency in 2016, he found it imperative to build a wall between Mexico and the United States. 

As of September 2019, 66 of the 2,000 miles of border has been constructed due to financial issues and government barriers.  

However,  there is no formal border between the United States and Canada and President Trump has no intention of building a border because “…We don’t need a wall there. It’s a much different situation. And frankly in terms of Canada … you look at what’s going on with Canada, it’s a much different kind of situation that we have with Canada…

Hmmm. Different. 

Exactly how different are they?  In reality, there is no difference except location.  So why is all of the attention and financing going to keep Mexico out of the United States?  Most would suspect race. Others would say financial status. To be honest, it is way simpler: press and media.  

When you look at news stations and media coverage, most of the coverage of Mexico points to the negativity: overcrowded cities, pollution, and crime due to drugs.  There are numerous documentaries highlighting the drug cartel including El Chapo: CEO of Crime and Cartel Land.  When these images are constantly on repeat in media and constantly being reported by new channels,  Americans slowly but surely begin to panic and express concern. Then, elected officials become concerned in order to let their constituents know that they hear them.  The end result: a president demanding money for a wall aimed at keeping out criminals and drug users. This same coverage does not happen with Canada because it is not perceived as a big threat.  But my childhood taught me a very important lesson: “It’s always the quiet ones that you need to be concerned about.” Ron Nixon, author of “As the U.S. Watches Mexico, Traffickers Slip In From Canada”, explains what happens in little old Vermont: 

This area is a haven for smugglers and cross-border criminal organizations. Each year, Border Patrol agents catch hundreds of drug smugglers and human traffickers who use the sparsely populated and heavily wooded areas along the Vermont-Canada border to bypass the agents, cameras, sensors and other electronic devices that the Department of Homeland Security has installed to make up for the lack of personnel.

Security is a vital and important attribute to our society.  We have phones that use DNA and iris detection to protect our information. We invest in home security systems. Schools and school buses use cameras to monitor students.  I applaud the President in his attempt to secure our vast land. However, choosing to focus on one part just because the other “looks safe” does not mean that they are not a threat.  A true leader protects all and not just some. A true leader does their best to consider all facts and evidence in making a decision. All borders need attention so we can be as close to safe as possible.

Staff Writer; J. W. Bella

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