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82 Percent Of White Evangelicals Support Donald Trump, Are They Following The Lord?

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( I’m a passionate believer in God. I pray before every meal, and each night before I go to bed. But God blessed me with enough sense to realize that he communicates with us through common sense. That’s why he gave it to us. So, the so-called “Holy Scriptures” are nothing more than the superstitious rantings of 3000-year-old dead men who didn’t know any more about God than we do, which is absolutely nothing. They were the Pat Robertsons of their day.


You don’t have to have “faith” to believe in God, you have an entire universe to attest to his existence. You only need “faith” to believe in the word of man, who’s created hatred, murder, and mayhem all over the world. There are over 4200 different religions in the world. If God had anything to do with religion there would only be one. Would a loving God subject man to such to such hatred, chaos and misery? I don’t think so. So you must ask yourself, are you worshiping God, or a book? And what do you have the most faith in, God, the common sense that bestowed upon you, or the word of man? I ask you this in the name of God.
Slaves, obey your earthly masters with respect and fear and sincerity of heart, just as you would show to Christ. And do this not only to please them while they are watching, but as servants of Christ, doing the will of God from your heart.” EPHESIANS 6:5

The scripture cited above scripture is complete nonsense, and it’s nonsense for a reason, because organized religion – ALL OF THEM – is social manipulation and designed to allow man to control other men. God created you with all that you need to live a Godly life. And God doesn’t make mistakes, so you don’t require a user’s guide written by other men. The user’s guide that’s referred to as “The Holy Scriptures” is nothing more than a device used by man to put his words into God’s mouth. He’s telling you what HE wants, not God. That’s why the scriptures didn’t prevent slavery, the slaughter of over 200 million Native Americans, or White Evangelicals now trying to convince you to worship Donald Trump. God gave you the common sense to know that snakes don’t talk. Listen to him, Black people. Get off your knees and on your job, or you’ll be victims for another 400 years.

Our galaxy has over 200 billion stars, and the Sun is only one of them. It takes the Sun, along with Earth, and it’s other 8 hitchhikers, traveling at 828,000 mph 230 million years to orbit around our galaxy just one time.  Yet, our solar system, with its 9 planets, is only a microscopic dust particle in our galaxy, and our galaxy itself, in terms of the universe, is nothing more than a microscopic dust particle in space.

To make sense of the distances we’re talking about, on January 19, 2006 we launched the space probe, New Horizon, for the planet Pluto in our own solar system. It was the Fastest man-made object ever launched from Earth.  It sped through space at 36,400 mph. That’s 24 times faster than an AK 47 military rifle bullet. Yet it took New Horizon until July 14, 2015 (9 years, 6 months) to reach Pluto.
Thus, if the Earth was your house in Los Angeles, Pluto would be a flea in San Diego, and Alpha Centauri, the closest neighboring star to the Sun, would be an elephant in China – and that’s just within our galaxy. There are over 200 billion stars, equally as far away from one another, in just our galaxy alone, and there are more galaxies in the universe than there are grains of sand on every beach, every desert, and every ocean floor on the planet Earth – and that’s just in the observable universe that’s still expanding in every direction at the speed of light (186,282 miles per second). Yet, man thinks he can tell other men about God.
Man is way too full of himself.  In terms of the universe, man is trillions of times less significant than a colony of germs under a toilet seat in Uzbekistan. It’s only man’s incredible arrogance that causes him to think that we’re important enough for God to even remember who we are. After all, does God remember every germ that he created?  So every time I hear a preacher preaching “the gospel” I have to laugh. I ask myself, “Will you listen to this fool! I wonder does he actually believe this nonsense!!!?”
Do you believe that God sent Jesus to all the hundreds of trillions of worlds in the universe? Or do you believe that we’re so special that we’re the only speck of dust in the universe with life on it? Both assumptions are ridiculous. It may seem like we’re alone, but the only reason we don’t see other beings is because even if they lived right next door to us (which they do), even traveling at the speed of light, it would take them 137 thousand years to get here, because the next closest star to the Sun, Alpha Centauri, is over 24 trillion miles away.  So, think about that – in order to just drop in for a cup of coffee they would have had to leave home 135 thousand years before Jesus was born, and they won’t get here for another 133 thousand years – and again, that’s just our closest neighbor!

So, whenever I think about the universe that God has created, it helps me to place the concept of God in perspective. The limited intellect of man is much too puny to even conceive of the nature of God, and much less, know what’s on his mind – that explains atheism. But that alone gives me more than enough reason to worship him. I worship God for what he’s done, and what I can see, not because of the superstitious rantings of 3000-year-old dead men – and that’s exactly who wrote the so-called “Scriptures”. They were no closer to God than we are today. They were the Pat Robertsons of their time, and just as clueless. These same men claimed that the universe revolved around the Earth until Galileo proved them wrong – and then they placed him under arrest for educating them.

Thus, for exactly that reason, I feel absolutely no obligation to force myself to believe in walking dead men or talking snakes, nor do I feel any obligation to get all dressed up every Sunday morning and pay to be screamed at for two hours. And there’s another important benefit – I don’t have to be bothered with Bible-thumping lunatics.
So, whenever I want to commune with God – and I do quite regularly – I simply pour myself a drink, sit out in my backyard, and gaze out at the night sky – and I can do that for free, except for the price of a shot of gin.

Staff Writer; Eric L. Wattree

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