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Bharat Bhise: Bravia Capital Flourishes After Acquiring MyCargo Airlines.

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( According to Bharat Bhise, the leader of advisory firm Bravia Capital, the company continues to flourish years after completing the acquisition of a leading carrier of air freight, ACT Airlines, which was rebranded as MyCargo Airlines.

Bravia Capital’s acquisition of the Turkey-based cargo operator years ago was part of the company’s strategy to expand outside of China by taking full advantage of the market in Turkey, as well as the regions surrounding it. The Turkish market is known for offering great potential in the aviation cargo industry.

When MyCargo Airlines joined Bravia Capital, it became one of many successful and strong companies that fell under the umbrella of GCL, or the Grand China Logistics Group. Formed in 2007, GCL was the first Chinese company to operate in the area of air, sea, and land logistics, as well as conglomerate logistics. GCL’s assets have totaled more than $7 billion, with the company having operated two shipyards, 14 aircraft, and eight shipping lines. The shipping lines have encompassed a whopping 100 ships associated with the container, bulk, and tanker segments.

At the time of the acquisition, Bravia Capital and MyCargo Airlines were able to increase fleet capacity to satisfy growing demand. For instance, Bravia was able to finance and deliver two Boeing freighter aircraft worth more than $100 million to MyCargo Airlines. Bravia also took steps to deliver A300-600 freighters (10) as well as 747-400 freighters (three) within a two-year period. On top of this, officials said they had multiple large initiatives in place to create operating platforms located in both Africa and Europe.

Bravia Capital and MyCargo Airlines continue to take advantage of the expanding cargo traffic market in Eurasia. Financiers, employees, and customers over the years have reportedly reactive positively to the companies’ efforts to create a comprehensive logistics hub that will effectively serve the growth regions surrounding Turkey.

Staff Writer; Ted Jackson

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