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How Having Well Trimmed Trees Will Improve Property Value.

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( Trees can be one of the main factors of the look of a front and backyard of a home. But not only that, you’ll notice that by having more trees around, the air just seems cleaner and fresher. But did you know that if you trim your trees properly and maintained it well, the value of your property might increase? Yes, you read it right. Home values are increasing rapidly – and surely, you want yours to as well. Your home is your biggest investment and asset and it is important to increase its value. A study by a company for tree service in Folsom, CA found that homes that had trimmed trees vs non trimmed trees when the home went into escrow sold on average for 4.3% more regardless of the neighborhood. One of many ways to increase the value of your property is by improving and maintaining your property’s curb appeal, is to trim your trees.  

What do you mean by curb appeal? 

A curb appeal refers to how attractive your house or property is from the view outside. As for your potential buyers, they will see first the outside view of your house – so you should amaze them first with how it looked and make a good impression as early as possible. Additionally, the curb appeal is one of the factors to increase your home value. So, if you want to have a higher value of investment of your property, you should maintain your property well, decorate it well, and make it appealing and presentable. 

What benefits can you get from trees? 

Trees are one of the reasons why we are breathing fresh air. They are one of the main factors that make the air clean. Aside from that, here are the following reasons that we can get from trees: 

  • Trees improve your home’s energy efficiency through providing a shield from harsh winds when it is winter.  
  • For the summer season, trees offer shade from harmful sun rays and heat.  
  • It improves someone’s mood. 
  • Studies and researches show maintaining trees and taking care of them will reduce the risk of having anxiety.  

Proper care for your trees 

If you want your trees to last longer, you should be taken care of it in a proper way. Here are the following ways when it comes to caring for your trees.: 

  • Watering your plants are one of the best and most effective ways to make them grow healthy.  
  • Mulching trees is the best way to naturally control weeds.  
  • Do not perform volcano mulching.  
  • Trim it. You can hire for professional tree maintenance on your property.
  • Do not put excessive fertilizers. 
  • Do not water it a lot.  
  • To form a strong foundation and structure of trees, it is important to prune it. 

When it comes to growing your trees healthy, it is important to check it regularly so that you can see if there are any damages – and you can give a preventive step to it. Planting trees or plants can be considered a great hobby while increasing the value of your property. While there are much-needed do’s for your trees, especially tree trimming, there are also things that you need to avoid doing to trees – and it is highly advisable to follow tree care guides online.  

If you want to get started on planting trees but you do not know how a bit of research on the internet can help you with it. You can search for everything you want to know about trees – history, caring and preventive ways, how-to’s, and many more.  

Staff Writer; Eric Brown

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