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Success Doesn’t Happen Overnight.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Words today tend to change in definition based on how society feels, and to justify their position. What is the definition of hard work these days? It is understandable that the physicality of word can change over time as how we get things done evolves. We life in a digital age whereby technology rules and dictates how we get many tasks accomplished. There is nothing wrong with using technology to get work done, but sometimes more is required. Depending on the task everything cannot be done from a computer, or smartphone. There are some legitimate work from home jobs, and there are careers where working from home can be an option. In both of those situations time, thought and effort has to be put into the work. There must still be focus, a plan and discipline.  Success is not an overnight occurrence. Its amazing how some young people have been tricked into believing all they have to do is become popular in whatever they are doing on social media, and success will fall into their lap.

Social media is a great place to advertise a business, or your talent. Its great to get people talking online about what it is you are selling, and they can even give you valuable feedback. However, you want to also take the time to develop your actual product or talent. This is the part social media can’t do for you. Succeeding in what you are trying to do will still demand countless hours away from your social media sited to prepare your work. Even if you are starting a podcast, or the goal is to create a platform for yourself using social media you’d still need to cultivate the material you will be sharing.

The grind is more than hearts, thumbs up, and likes. None of those things will pay any of your bills. You will need people to actually buy your product or subscribe to your podcast. If it appears that you are successful overnight prepare to work twice as hard to put in the work previously mentioned or know that your success may not last very long. In the world of social media one can disappear just as quickly as they became popular. There is no replacement for a few things that are at the core of long lasting success.

You need a vision, add a plan of action, incorporate discipline so that you can focus on said plan, and diligence to bring it all together. These parts guarantee that you are putting together a solid foundation for success, and that you will be able to maintain it once it happens. We live in a microwave society there everything must happen quickly, or we become bored with it. Take for example you decide to lose weight to be healthier. Just about anyone knows that depending on the individual’s situation this can be a tough task. Some people will look for get slim quick schemes and diets, yet they will become frustrated when it doesn’t work.

Some decide to go the healthy route with a balanced diet and exercise, but when the scale isn’t moving backwards quickly enough, they get discouraged and give up on this plan. Trying a get it quick scheme, and not giving the process a fair chance, which takes time both end in failure. Take the time to give diligence to the thing(s) you are trying to achieve. Allow your heard work and discipline to give birth to your vision. Allow tools like social media to assist you knowing more than those platforms are necessary. If you can sacrifice for your vision it will one day take care of you.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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