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5 Serious Car Accident Injuries That Require Medical Attention.

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( Typically, emergency vehicles rush to the scene of a serious car accident. They provide injured passengers and drivers with immediate medical assistance as needed. While this is beneficial to those involved, many drivers and passengers in less serious accidents also obtain severe injuries. They, however, do not receive the medical attention they need. As a driver, you need to get medical attention after being involved in any accident whether it is major or minor. Read this post to learn about the most serious car accident injuries that require medical attention.

Knee Injury

Contrary to popular belief, knee injuries caused in car accidents can lead to serious problems. Many drivers’ knees get pushed into the dashboards of their cars when they get into accidents. While this is a common occurrence, it is not one to ignore. If your knees hit the dashboard hard enough, you could suffer from ligament injuries such as anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury. ACL damage can be very painful. It also usually requires an immediate surgery. When drivers and passengers fail to get medical attention after obtaining knee injuries in car accidents, they usually have trouble walking and risk making their injuries worse.

Car Accident

Severe Burns

Another common yet serious car accident injury is severe burns. Unfortunately, many car crashes result in vehicle fires. Numerous drivers and passengers get burned from hot fluids and surfaces during these types of crashes. You can also get severely burned by steam and chemicals that come off of the vehicles. These burns often require skin grafting by trained medical professionals. Doctors also prescribe some burn victims ointments and pain relievers. You cannot get the correct treatment without a professional’s assistance. Hence, you need to seek out medical aid if you ever get burned in a car accident. Luckily, there is urgent care near me, and you. That should ease one’s fear. Then, you can ensure that you get your life back up and running after the fact.

Head Trauma

Drivers and passengers alike also suffer from head trauma after getting into accidents. This is one of the most well-known, serious injuries for good reason. Whether you are on a busy street in NYC or major highway near Houston, a high-speed accident can cause a jolt to the body. Since head injuries can range from low risk to life-threatening, you may need to visit an auto accident doctor in Houston or nearby area. A driver could get a concussion that is easily treatable or a deep laceration that demands immediate medical attention. Many occupants also suffer from severe yet unidentifiable closed head injuries. For this reason, drivers and passengers should always seek medical attention when they hit their heads during a car accident. That way, they can identify extreme brain injuries caused by fluid and tissue damage before the damage becomes permanent.

Chest Trauma

Moreover, you should get medical help when you undergo chest trauma. The most common chest injuries caused by car crashes include broken ribs and collapsed lungs. Both of these injuries can be life-threatening and excruciatingly painful. Many drivers and passengers suffer from internal bleeding in the chest, damaged internal organs and abdomen injuries as well. Since all of these common wounds can be detrimental, having a doctor check you over after hurting your chest in an accident is vital. Take care of yourself after a car accident by visiting a doctor as soon as possible.

Back Injury

In addition to the above car accident injuries, back damages are serious car accident injuries as well. Similar to head injuries, back trauma can range from a pulled muscle to a spinal cord injury. Many drivers assume that they simply pulled a muscle in their backs when in reality, their spinal cord was damaged during the crash. As a result, they avoid seeking medical attention and end up living with permanent disabilities. To avoid such an outcome, always visit a doctor when your back gets injured during a car accident.

Whether an emergency vehicle rushes to the scene of your car accident or not, you should always receive medical attention when injured. One of the most common injuries caused by car crashes is knee trauma that hinders occupants’ abilities to walk. When vehicles catch on fire during crashes, drivers and passengers alike often suffer from severe burns that require skin grafting. Head trauma is usually considered one of the most extreme injuries because it can be life-threatening. The same is true for back injuries when they involve spinal cord damage. Lastly, common chest injuries that require medical assistance include broken ribs and collapsed lungs. If you receive any of these serious car accident injuries, seek medical attention immediately. Hiring a car accident lawyer is also important. An attorney can help you in getting compensation for any damages such as car repairs and medical expenses.

Staff Writer; Peter Short

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