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Sweet Boys Time To Man Up.

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( Yes I said it and it needs to be said. Sweet boys man up. It’s time to speak true to perversion, not just to power. If you were born a male, you will be a male the rest of your life. Even if you get fake breasts, take hormone pills, wear sweet boy pants (or panties) and save your money so doctors can construct your fake vagina, you are still a male. Bruce Jenner is still a male, like it or not. Though he was emasculated by Kris because he could not handle the freak. Biological facts of anatomy cannot be changed by what you want to be nor what you think you are. If you object, too bad. If you think I am wrong, you are freakin delusional and in denial.

If you were born a male, choose to be a man. Choose to man up. The African-American community/race/ethnicity needs strong men, reproduction and to get rid of foolishness, lies, deceptions, confusion and chaos. Our community needs men of identity who are happy with who they were made to be and willing to become even more. Men of purpose, strength, values, morals, principles and masculinity.

Our women need real men, not men who act feminine like them. Our churches and mosques need real men, not sweetie pie male choir directors. Our communities need real men to be positive role models. Our African-American businesses need real men who know who they are as the men of Black Wall Street did – and look what identity can accomplish. Our children in the African-American community need strong men to provide stability for the home, a sense of safety and security for our daughters and the blueprint of how to be a real man to our sons. And yes heterosexual brothers need to step to the plate yesterday.

You can get offended and leave ugly messages, insults and comments for me but none of the above change who you are – what you were born as – who evolution and/or creation created you to be. Why not spend more time on rising to your potential instead of feeding confusion, rebellion and discontentment that you don’t like who you are?

Instead of confronting the deviant sexual behavior of homosexuality, the wayward unnatural desires and perverted preferences, what do our “black” churches, politicians, black lives matter people and social activists do? Support the very behavior that will reduce our numbers. Support the very behavior that is confusing our children, making them curious, shoving it down their throats in schools and deceiving them into thinking deviant behavior is OK. To Hell with the rainbow. If you want a rainbow, go get skittles. Our African-American community needs males to man up.

Today in society when those of us with real family morals and values speak up, we are called homophobic. I am not afraid of any LGBTQ person or group, know that right now. But I am afraid of people having rights because of who they choose to have sex with. Maybe we should start a heterosexual movement for real men to stand up. And I am not including males in the closet, on the DL or curious as real men. Some say they might as well have a vagina because they bend over and act like they have one in the rear.

Are you offended? Well that’s just too bad and I (along with so many others) am tired of those speaking the truth being called intolerant. I am tired of the lie that facts when spoken are called “hate speech”. Have you ever thought about that you may be offended because you are hearing the truth that you already know down deep? Very often the truth makes people more angry than lies because it makes them look in the mirror on the inside. But try looking within instead to find peace, contentment, happiness about being born a male, ways to be a real man, purpose and healing.

I could prove everything I have just written by using statistics, the Bible, the Quran, biology/human anatomy, sociology, psychology and anthropology, but those of you who know the truth don’t need all that. And those of you who don’t will simply ignore the truth anyway – but not all of you. And the good news is that those who have an ear to hear and those who are ready to come out of deception and denial will hear clearly.

Homosexuality is abnormal and unnatural. Bisexuals are confused people who want to have their fruitcake and eat it to, literally. Trans-anything makes no factual, logical or reasonable sense because you cannot transform yourself into a woman. Will you have a monthly cycle? Can you have a baby? Will you even be happy after you have swapped out parts? Be honest.

Be a man, not just a lost and confused male. Don’t cheat yourself out of the awesome legacy of children to carry on your name. Don’t cheat yourself out of the strongest, most beautiful, most shapely women in the world – African American women. So you say you don’t have any interest in women? Then ask yourself why – and be honest. Were you sexually molested? Are you following a trend of perverse curiosity and peer pressure? You can lie to me and insult me, but you cannot lie to yourself forever.

For those of you who support homosexual, bisexual and trans men, you are just as confused as they are if you think everybody should just do their own thing. You are just as confused and lost if you don’t see the detriment of such a behavior on the community, on morality, on spirituality, on children and on the build-up of more African Americans through reproduction. Sociologically it has been proven that behaviors of a people can impact and even damage the community around them. Wake up.

More people think the way I do all around you but they don’t speak out. Some don’t have a bully pulpit and others like the “black” pastors are more concerned about losing money from offending people than setting people free Rev. Al Sharpton, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rev. Bernice King (and others).

I never, ever espouse violence, mistreatment nor unfairness towards anyone, but if sweet boys want to be accepted for being different, why don’t they want to accept those of us who think differently than they do? And don’t you dare compare the struggle regarding who you have sex with to the struggle of the African-American in this country. No comparison at all.

I think straight and more of you should “straighten up and fly right” instead of pretending to be the Tinkerbell that you are not and never will be. Be a man, not just a male and not confused.

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw


9 Responses to “Sweet Boys Time To Man Up.”
  1. Dominique Jr. says:

    It’s just frustrating.
    After finally courting my best friend turned lover, I tried to have sex with her.
    My (NSFW,) doesn’t extend properly and is 2 inches at best. I penetrate her at all. Some pastor told me to wait for marriage. Will that really work? This is the 10th women that this has happened to me. Maybe Pussy/Women just isn’t for me.

  2. BreakingFree says:

    We need feminine men to wean women away from lesbianism. (and vice versa)
    As long as the SEXUAL ACT doesn’t happen as defined by religion it’s fine.
    Im a homosexual man who de-fies his intense sexual urges and is no longer apart of the “lifestyle”. Currently I’m married to an ex-STUD who was attacked by her girlfriend. You can resist urges but my gosh can people just ACT who they want to be in the open?
    Shit, girll I hope the lord don’t condemn me from taking her STRAP-ON.
    She even referred me to an amazing program to become a physical trainer.

    You have Floyd Mayweathers and then you have Prince from the 1980’s.
    Holla at Jesus and take a chill-pill boo!

    You can still be 4 Christ and Homosexual as long as you don’t participate in the act itself. I’m not the only one for justice.

    Merry Christmas!!!!

  3. Alfred says:

    Joshua you are right he should embrace unnatural money that we all need is natural circumcision is natural as people should men up what they hate from others it’s on them period.

  4. Alfred says:


  5. Insectman says:

    It is sad that the word “gay” has been hijacked by an agenda driven group. There is nothing “gay” about homosexuality! See


    HOMOSEXUALITY is a mental illness and moral decay that needs to be addressed.
    Sorry excuses for men have acquired all the bad traits.. Gossiping being a number one.
    As Africans it’s time we start sticking to our roots because the Western Culture corrupts everything we have. They label our traditions and beliefs as barbaric and wrong.
    Women these days stray further from being loving, caring and pillars of the society, all in the name of being independent, strong and free. There is no stronger woman I know like our mothers; juggling between their jobs, progressions of their studies, husbands, children and still taking care of their homes. Now that is a superwoman. Everyone this days is playing the guilty card; blacks using the racial cards, women with their ‘because I’m a woman’ card and so on…
    I can’t stomach my frustration when the racial and gender cards are played in movies or in the entertainment industry. Feminism has gone too far now. And all that’s left is a gender war.

  7. Trevo Craw says:

    I dare LGBTQ to watch this

  8. Trevo Craw says:

    That is true but that does not erase nor refute the connection amongst the large number of boys who have and turn out confused, bi, gay or messed up. I suggest you look at the cases where Eddie Long molested all those boys and the conditions of those who sued him.

    Did I say anything about gays raping a child? Electricity is natural. You need to read up on Nikola Tesla. In fact electricity is naturally produced in the brain as well. And wifi is not a human nor animal living behavior so your analogy makes no sense.

    As for Islam, go take that up with them. They will say it is. Junk food is also damaging to the body so what is yr point on that one? Your point supports my argument if you use junk food as an example.

    Down syndrome is not natural and thus not a good thing and detrimental to the body. You have proven nothing at all with your comments.

  9. Many people have been molested and never thought or did a gay thing…its a fallacy. Its brain development. Nobody pressures someone to be gay. Have you ever felt like being gay? Explain to me why it’s so dangerous? Are you saying two gays can’t raise a child without raping it savagely? Of course not.. Electricity isn’t natural. Wifi isnt natural. Junk food isnt natural. Islam isnt natural. Down syndrome isnt natural. Islam isnt natural…our adult rate isnt natural. Learn to embrace the unnatural.

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