Take the Chance: The Dreamer vs. The Thinker.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Which are you? A dreamer or a thinker? Maybe you feel you’re both? While we’re not talking about the hybrid thinker-dreamer, let us know down below. I consider myself more of a thinker. While I do dream like most, I tend to sit and analyze my dreams afterwards. One test we all face and what lets us know which one we fall under is when an opportunity comes along. An opportunity so juicy, so lucrative that it’s time to either p*** or get off the pot on whether you’re going to take it.

Taking The Chance As A Thinker

When that chance comes up the first decision might be to just take it, pitfalls and costs be damned. A thinker tends to sit and weigh the options. It’s not ideal except that a thinker will likely consider the possibility that the chance could pop up.

With that consideration bouncing about, everything would’ve been weighed before it turned up. Thinking about the chance and all the potential downfalls, pitfalls and windfalls when it finally turned up could be because conditions changed. Maybe money isn’t what it was when the chance was a consideration. It could be that the chance didn’t exactly materialize as the thinker pictured it before.

The thing is, a thinker plans, has back up plans, and fits their plans to the chance. Actually, they might not even need to think on whether or not to jump at the chance since they probably considered all forms that chance could appear. All the conditions, who will bring it, what strings will be attached, how this chance would impact other plans and so on.

Ultimately, thinkers can take a methodical and often boring approach to these things. It doesn’t make for a warm and fuzzy feel good story if they get a come up. Well, it doesn’t make a good story if they went through each consideration and all that.

Then again, some people are just good storytellers, right? They could make paint drying seem like the most riveting story that you’d ever hear. Those folks are definitely necessary since they could make some people’s stories better than the folks it happened to.

Taking A Chance As A Dreamer

Dreamers see the chance and will just jump at it. That isn’t to say they all just blindly cartwheel into the opportunity but many do. There are many who know there are potential dangers and catches to taking the chance. They also know that it could muck up whatever they have bubbling on the stove.

It’s just that they don’t care. They can be risk takers because a chance is typically something that doesn’t come by often. While you will find a dreamer hoping and wishing that the chance comes around, they don’t sit there like “Meh, the chance to do this will be back around in three weeks. I’ll be ready then.” Of course not.

The one thing about dreamers is that if they go bust on the chance, they can end up shook. I mean they will put their all into taking that shot and if it goes bottoms up, that will mess with them. It sucks but it happens. No one wants to put 100-percent into something and walk away with nothing or less than nothing.

However, when things go well it makes for an amazing success story. Everyone loves a person who not only takes a chance but who dives head on into it. Hell, I love those kinds of stories.

I will say this: both are necessary. Dreamers push towards a goal aggressively and will shoot for a chance when it pops up and a thinker works towards a goal while doing the best to avoid any major issues and tend to have the pipes in the ground before building for that chance.

If you put the two together and have the dreamer bulldozing through and the thinker scouting ahead, you have a damn good team.

Staff Writer; M. Swift

This talented writer is also a podcast host, and comic book fan who loves all things old school. One may also find him on Twitter at; metalswift.