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The Conflict With Hoteps.

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( Whenever speaking about hoteps, it’s important to always define the original term. It’s something everyone does before asking “How did this term get such a negative connotation?” It’s a Egyptian term basically meaning “to be at peace.” It can be used as a greeting as well. Sounds…peaceful right? Positive?

What’s A Hotep

Context is everything in this world and words can take different meanings over time depending who uses it and who’s associated with it. A word meaning “peace” could easily become a word used to describe a group of people within the Black community who garner mixed opinions.

Hoteps are Black people who take a different approach to pro-Blackness and use ancient Egypt as a kind of rallying point for the greatest Black people should achieve. Ancient Egypt is also drawn from for the spiritual aspect of this part of the culture.

As is the case with any subculture, there are good and bad elements. Those who simply live life this way aren’t bad or people to necessarily avoid. Some actually work in tandem with others who live and express their Blackness differently. They go the work like any other Black person, they do their day to day errands like other Black person, it’s just in their private lives, they have a certain way they live and worship.

It’s similar to how Black Christians and Black Muslims go about their lives or even Black Christians of different denominations. They honestly no different from the rest of us on the surface. Then you have the hotep-hoteps.

These are the ones we picture when someone mentions the word.

The Conflict With Hoteps

Now, they’re not called “hotep-hoteps” obviously but these are the more aggressive, vocal ones who give the impression of you’re being a “coon” or whatever if you’re not living like they are. These are also the ones that see a conspiracy in close to everything and break it down to you in a way that makes them come off as enlightened as they believe they are.

There’s a difference between extremely woke and woke extreme. It’s not that hoteps don’t see racial injustice and the like around them, they do and the most vocal ones speak on it in great depth—but then it starts to float over into conspiracy theory.

That isn’t to say there isn’t some conspiracy it’s just that conspiracy theory can allow for the story to get away from them and then everyone dismisses their point. Then we have a problem. Now, not all of them with push for a spirited debate with you. Often times it ends with “we’ll have to agree to disagree on this.” Reasonable. The others will hit you with name-calling out the ass.

While this is really no different from arguing with non-hoteps, it’s just that the argument escalated off of conspiracy theory is where gets laughable. There is also a toxic edge to this particular kind of hotep. They can say we are kings and our sisters are queens, some go full on into the old “women are meant to be subservient to man” territory.

It’s 2019, in relationships you should work as equal partners. She can’t be a queen when her kingdom expands from the bedroom to the front door. That’s a fiefdom at most. It’s making sure she’s dependent on you and your success and if that union falters, she’s going to have a hard go at trying to establish herself independently of you.

However, if said queen plays her cards right, she can partake in your fiefdom and she’ll hold special place above the rest of the “wenches” who don’t pick up what you’re putting down.

As I said, hoteps aren’t the absolute worst. There are plenty of conflicts internally and externally Black folks are going to deal with. When it comes to hoteps, it’s not all of them—it’s the most vocal, obnoxious of them. We shouldn’t even fight with them but ignore them and leave them be.

But trust me, I know that’s too much like right.

Staff Writer; M. Swift

This talented writer is also a podcast host, and comic book fan who loves all things old school. One may also find him on Twitter at; metalswift.

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