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Don’t Take “Black Men Don’t Cheat” Seriously.

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( “Black Men Don’t Cheat”. I’m not going to say “But it’s true, isn’t?” since that tends to get some side eye from women who know better. The rest know that it’s a sh**s and giggles but I’m always weak when some take it seriously. Why?

Because Sometimes Men Cheat

Sometimes. A soft sometimes. You know who makes it hard on those of us who don’t cheat—or those other guys who do but don’t suck at cheating? Those who absolutely suck at cheating. Just blatantly chatting up honey dews and having no plan B when they get caught.

If there was a field of study where you could get a bachelor’s degree in infidelity, those guys would’ve flunked out first semester. They probably would’ve attempted to re-enrolled and gotten denied because they would make Tiger Woods College look bad and have to transfer to Jay-Z Tech. Who knows?

As An Observer

Now, I’m not saying I’m an expert on cheating. I’m not one to conoodle with community women—I’m trying to be very clean here, folks—but even a bystander, a spectator if you will, can tell when someone going outside of their relationship is going to become a misadventure.

Often times, it turns into a comedic misadventure where the cheating party gets what they deserve and other times, well their actions lead to someone meeting an early death. It’s unfortunate, but it happens. The thing is, just by watching you can tell how things will go.

It’s like having never played football or basketball but you get to set behind a desk and give analysis. You might not have been on the field or on the court but you know the rules, have studied enough tape, know the history, and you have a degree in broadcast journalism.

In this case, most of us have had experience in romantic relationships that have gone sour and some of those have been down to cheating on your end or the other person’s end. So, that puts you in the role of a well-versed commentator. Just look at all the relationship podcasts and shows out there.

Hell, Steve Harvey secured bag after bag giving relationship advice to women when he’s been divorced twice and married three women with “Mar” names. To a degree, it’s kind of weird but maybe he has a thing for Marcias, Marys, Marias, Margrets, Margos, and Marjories. Maybe they just hit right, you know?

Cheating As Comedy

If you You might say “How can something that destroy a perfectly good relationship be funny” or “Why is Black Men Don’t Cheat” a thing. Decades and decades of Black music has given us ridiculous situations where a guy has been caught cheating and is put out of the house. It’s all in the storytelling.

One my favorite performers is the late, great Marvin Sease whose hits “Candy Licker” and “Motel Lover” encouraged lewd mouth-related acts at the minimum and encouraged outright cheating at most. Sease was an expert storyteller and that’s what comedy is: telling a story or everyday event and making it over the top or taking an outrageous situation and making it seem mundane. Sometimes, you take lies and try to pass them off as 100-percent truth.

The thing here is to make sure even the listener or viewer is on the joke. Guys who say “Black Men Don’t Cheat” know we have cheaters in our midst. Hell, some are relatives and close friends—not that I’m dry snitching or anything. While it’s obvious some people have been hurt emotionally by Black men or some Black men have risked it all and lost it all, at the end of the day “Black Men Don’t Cheat” is just a joke.

Staff Writer; M. Swift

This talented writer is also a podcast host, and comic book fan who loves all things old school. One may also find him on Twitter at; metalswift.


One Response to “Don’t Take “Black Men Don’t Cheat” Seriously.”
  1. Trevo Craw says:

    To The Author,

    What is your intent? You make faulty stereotypical conclusions, provide no real data and pull down brothers as if you have been brainwashed to do just that. How does your article encourage or build up anybody? And btw, I am a marriage, family and relationship counselor and mediator. And happily married and I do not cheat – ever.

    Are all black women materialistic chickenheads with big mouths and bi-polar? No.

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