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Donald Trump Likely To Win 2020.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Say it isn’t so. Oh I wish that it wasn’t. But Trump is likely to win 2020 and in this article I am going to share the reasons why. Am I a Trump supporter? Definitely not. But it is about facts, games, patterns, puppets and cycles – not likes, dislikes or preferences. The race for president of the United States is a huge board game and most of you have not been allowed to read the rule book. Therefore you simply believe and follow what they told you the rules are, not the actual rules. Just like the media, you are the unsuspecting pawns on the chess board called America.

How do you think a man who lies, cheats, deceives, discriminates, manipulates and surrounds himself with people who do the same suddenly became president of the United States? Some might say because he did exactly what this country was founded on – and I would have to agree. How do you think a man can gain cult-like allegiance from millions of people and be so sure of that allegiance even if he shot someone? Why do you think he said the election was rigged? All true but none of the above are the main reason Trump became president nor the primary reason he is likely to win again.

Reason #1 – The Democrats and Republicans are two sides of the same coin, loaded dice playing games with the unsuspecting American public. Partisanship is a distraction created to exploit ignorance, division and misdirection. Every since Bush Sr., the government has been playing games with 8 year terms, each time switching parties – Bush then Clinton then Bush then Obama. Not coincidence. Why do you think we have two different methods of electing a president in operation at the same time? Why do you think the Democrats have won 4 out of 5 of the last presidential election popular votes yet lost 3 out of 5 elections for the office of president? Rigged like Trump said? You better believe it. Trump knows how many beans he can spill but most of you have no idea. Forget who you like or dislike and THINK!

Reason #2 – President are selected – they only appear to be elected. This is why it seems not to matter what Trump did, said, continues to do or say. This is why he can lie and insult and cheat and be as petty as he likes but yet he does not lose much ground. Again this is why we have two election systems running at the same time – the electoral college and the popular vote. This is why one candidate can have 3 million more votes from American voters yet lose the election. This is why all states are therefore not treated equally nor are people of color. And I should note the racist and sexist foundation of the electoral college which was set up in part to block the votes of females and people of color. Do the research and see for yourself. Do the research, don’t just disagree.


The idea that Americans elect the president of the United States in a country where we do not even have a democracy is an illusion. Blood lines matter and they are screened and identified even before a candidate is “allowed” to run, raise money or gain support – if he will be the winner that is. Puppet masters behind the scenes run the real show. And the American people as a whole have no idea what is really happening. Presidential speech is carefully scripted. Presidential actions are carefully tailored. And neither are controlled by the president or candidate likely to win. Very rarely does a president even write his own speeches. And when he appears to be going off script, believe me when I say he knows how far off script he can go.

Reason #3 – The only Democrat running who could possibly beat Trump is Biden. And that won’t happen because Sanders is going to run and complicate the democratic nomination, splitting the undecided, democrat and independent votes right down the middle – weakening Biden and leaving room for Trump to win. This will drain Biden’s time, money, energy and resources. And while Sanders is trying to get the nomination, he will expose Biden’s political weaknesses as the Trump camp diligently takes notes. Biden would need to pick up Sanders as his VP running mate to close this gap. And none of the other democratic candidates running, whether some like them or not, have a snowball’s chance in you know where of beating Trump – not even Booker or Harris. This is still a “good ole boy” society and Obama was an anomaly given to the country to quiet down certain factions, if you know what I mean.


Reason #4 – The Republican party does not have the “balls” to go against Trump and take the political gloves off. They find it easier to simply jump on the bandwagon and hope it never goes over the cliff. Many of the Republicans in office neither like nor trust Trump. Even people in his own staff do not either. They know he is not “fit” for the job yet he is fit for the tasks as outlined by those who put him in power – two completely different things. And yes real Republicans, die hard Republicans, life-long Republicans do not like Trump. Then why do they seem to bow down and praise him?

Many Congressional Republicans are content in having  Trump in office because it allows them to advance their own agendas instead of risking political headaches from their constituents. Thus Republicans in Congress will largely support Trump again –  but only because it serves their interests and agendas. That is why you only see Republicans not running for re-election having the nerve to stand up against Trump directly.


That is why Republicans are not likely to support impeachment, no matter what all the investigations produce on Trump. The SDNY, Mueller and Congressional investigations and reports could say Trump is “a Russian spy or asset” and the Republicans in Congress still wouldn’t vote to impeach him. The political “reality” has already been predetermined and that is why real facts do not seem to matter. But make no mistake about it, real Republicans in Congress neither like nor trust Trump and their support should not be construed as if they do. They know all of this is true. And the social psychological think tanks already know how much truth the public will reject and ignore.


Trump is on script but he didn’t write it any more than a puppet pulls his own strings. A fitting analogy for a seemingly Pinocchio president. Just as in the movies, you have productions with weird beginning, crazy endings, happy endings, cliffhangers and odd characters. So it is with the presidency. it is a production that goes far beyond Trump’s reality show. And both ironically and eerily similar to Star Wars, this time Donald Trump is The Apprentice.


What you have just read will never be stated on CNN, FOX News or any other mainstream media agency. Not even the abstract ones like InfoWars. Not if they want to keep their jobs. I wish I could go deeper into this with you but I have no desire to vanish all of a sudden. And if you think I am talking conspiracy theory (ironically as Trump often does), I suggest you think about what you have just read. Because what Trump calls the “deep state” is much deeper, darker and more powerful than you know. And it’s real name is not the “deep state”.

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw


One Response to “Donald Trump Likely To Win 2020.”
  1. Rich says:

    Absolutely President Trump will win again as he should. Why should he not win again? The economy is the best in 50 years. He is taking on China who has been ripping us off for decades. Obama, Bush and Clinton did nothing about that. Black people are always about having their butts rubbed by white people. It is disgusting. Trump is helping black people in real ways as in creating jobs! Obama was the food stamp and part time job president but he was half black and that is all most black people care about. Just like they( you) will go nuts if that communist shill Abrams becomes a Vp for the dirty old man Biden. Both promote the mass murder of the unborn as well. So much for most black Christians!

    Trump will get about 10% of the black vote which is better than the 7 or 8% he got last time. He will get tons of the white vote. Creepy Biden will implode with some typical stupid comment he makes. He has been around long and did nothing to make America Great again! We just need that wall up but communist democrats want America finished off. So far only about 40 miles up when new fencing is combined with old. Trump said there will be 400 up by next year. We shall see.

    Real Americans know the media is bought and paid for by jews. That is why most is left wing and liberal.. Just like Hollywood. The jew has always been about putting other groups like blacks out front to become a defense for jews. That is why the jewish media pushes anti white filth all day long. Again real America sees this and though will vote for Trump because he is a good president overall and not a new world order joke like Barry, Bush and Slick Willie.

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