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Do We Have Energy for Cardi B.

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( Initially when I was told Cardi B incriminated herself by saying she drugged and robbed men I thought that was foolishness. Why would someone admit to something like that in this climate? I low-key defended her to the person that told me, because I found it hard to believe. I’m not a fan of her music for many reasons. A person can keep it real and speak their truth as they elevate though that is another story. I was not convinced that she said what was told to me until I saw for myself. I admit I was both confused and angry. I needed to know where was her PR team? It’s cool to reach out to your fans on social media, but as your bank account and notoriety changes its important to be wise with your words.

There are some things that need to be taken to one’s grave if it’s not known, and we don’t have to know all your business for you to be considered real. Once I got over the fact that she indeed admitted to drugging and robbing men I had to wonder would she be cancelled in the same manner as a man. I admit I saw entirely too many people that defended what she felt she needed to do to survive.

In the world we live in today social media can become the arm of justice when it comes to destroying a celebrity’s career for violence towards women. We need to understand it doesn’t have to just be rape or sexual assault. Violence towards women is becoming something that the people are willing to take a stand about, and it should be. The problem we have to acknowledge is these are not women’s issues but human issues. We all know that if a man goes on social media and just admits to drugging and robbing women to survive there would be an immediate uproar, and women would not want to hear any justification nor excuse. In the area of fairness, we have to keep that energy for Cardi B. If she is defended, we are sending the message the only predator worth condemning is a man.

We would be saying the only offense that is predatory is rape, and that is not truth. In that moment we become a part of the toxic masculinity we speak about in the sense that men are not seen as victims which effects their ability to come forward, and properly deal with their trauma. Many women spoke out on social media stating that this situation was not parallel to the Bill Cosby situation because rape is not robbery. Well, the first man has spoken out about being a victim and he is alleging that he was drugged, raped, and robbed. Will we believe him? Are we going to rally around him as we would women if they were in the same situation? I hope the answer would be yes.

Cardi B also spoke about being a part of hip hop culture, and as such she should be able to talk about where she’s been. She’s mentioned that rappers have talked about street life robbing people and committing murder. In that moment it is safe to wonder if she understands the culture, she claims to be apart of, and its history with the law. Does she realize how many rap artists have been arrested, charged, and have served time for some of the same things found in their music?

Drug possession, illegal gun possession, assault, and even attempted murder are some of the charges that rap artists have faced. She might want to do her homework on this culture and what could be considered street creditability and getting caught up verses just music. I hope she’s learning a lesson about the power of words, and social media. However, she has admitted to actions that are not acceptable. She has victims and we shouldn’t demonize whoever they are in defense of her. If her victims come forward, they should have our support. We must take a stance against this behavior coming from any human being. No one deserves to be a victim.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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