11 Year Old Black Boy Arrested For Refusing To Stand For A Flag Representing Colonialism and Slavery.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Recently, at Lawton Chiles Middle Academy in Lakeland, Florida, an 11 year old black boy refused to stand for a flag that represents colonialism and slavery told substitute teacher Ava Alvarez that the flag is racist and Alvarez was offended by the 11 year old black boy’s refusal to stand for the flag by offending the black boy by saying that “he should go back to Africa if he doesn’t like it here in America” and then the incident escalated with the reactionary substitute teacher who was clearly intimidated by the 11 year old black boy called the colonial terrorist force known as the police on the boy.

I don’t buy these lies that I see coming from the police reports of “I’m gonna beat that teacher” and “I’m gonna get you all fired” because the police are notorious for fabricating lies that they put on the police reports in a way to criminalize and slander young black boys and men in the colonial media.

They had the nerve to charge the 11 year old black boy for “disruption of school function” and “resisting an officer without violence”. These are Old Jim Crow Era tactics that the police would use against black people to not only lock them up, but to also criminalize and slander them in the media to paint this falsified narrative of young black boys and males as these “dangerous and scary thugs”

The colonial education system is one of the biggest arenas for violence against black children in America where black kids are often harassed and attacked by not only suburban unqualified white teachers, but also the colonial military force known as the police who are very notorious for attacking black children whether it be through the use of excessive force or pepper spraying them.

This young 11 year old black boy had every right to refuse to stand for a flag that he knows is clearly not representative of him and his people because the flag is deeply rooted in colonialism and slavery. I can tell that another reason why he refused to stand for the flag is because he’s tired of not only being bullied by these vicious and hostile suburban white teachers, but he’s also tired of not learning anything regarding the true history and culture of him and his people.

Colonial School is definitely not a place of learning for black children because nowadays they function in a way that heavily resembles a prison. If you go to any predominantly black elementary, middle, and high school anywhere in the country, you’ll find numerous contradictions at those schools such as bad food, lack of proper equipment, outdated supplies, being systematically underfunded, and heavy militarization of the schools with razor wired fences and police officers ready to terrorize our kids at any given notice.

The Conclusion – We definitely need to build our own educational institutions so that our kids can get the quality education that they need because the colonial education system was never meant to truly educate them.

Staff Writer; Kwame Shakir (aka Joe D.)