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Why “Black History” In America Is A Joke.

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( “Black” history in America, as so “charitably”” provided to us by kind old Massa (otherwise known as “white” invaders and the first illegal immigrants), is a joke for more reasons than you may know. To begin with, we African-Americans are not black, we are BROWN. We have forgotten our colors, denied our own eyes and bought into a false identity given to our people by the racists of the past who oppressed our ancestors in America. Many of you may disagree but most of you who do have bought into a lie and helped Massa make the Kool-aid that washes over your brains like a flood. And if you think I am wrong, can you really say why?

It is a fact that people in America (and around the globe) with real identity never allow themselves to be defined by color – whether they are African, Haitian, Chinese, Irish, German or Hispanic. Nor do they willfully and happily allow other groups to define them, especially not past oppressors. this is, in part, why Trump and his zombie followers feel threatened by Hispanics coming to America.

People with a real sense of identity know they are defined by family genealogy – bloodline, tribe, geographic area, ethnicity, strong family value systems and even spiritual identity. It is also a fact that you are not the same color as your car tires, your black shoes nor your black overcoat. When you call yourself “black” you are saying you are willing to ignore your eyes, accept a false label, the stigmatisms the racists have assigned to that label, to throw away your connection to a rich and powerful heritage that goes far beyond America and to help promote a lie.

Still claiming to be “black” and dancing a jig for the black history month they gave you? Wake up. If you ordered a black Mercedes and a Mercedes the color of your hand was delivered to your home, the first thing you would say is “this is not black”. You are brown, Caucasian people are not “white” and there is no identity in color.

So here we are as a people lost in deception and largely devoid of identity again – willfully ignorant, ignoring what our own eyes see and allowing ourselves to be inaccurately defined right out of our connection to the greatness of our world history, real identity and the impact of our ancestors.

It is no coincidence that in America “black history” celebrations and teachings in schools generally go no further back than slavery in most cases. It is the making of the “negro” as defined by the racist colonizers who invaded this land, brought the slaves here and attempted to subvert and exterminate as many of the indigenous people as they could and seasoned with African-American people born here. If you know history, you know this is true.

I am not anti-white. Nor am I anti-America. I am pro-truth and history is what it is, like it or not. If the truth about history from Kemet to America and around the world was accurately told, we would not need “black history”. People seem to conveniently forget these things when they talk about the foundations of America and the heritage of those brought from Africa. But that truth is seldom told and almost never promoted during “black history month” because it also reveals Caucasian murderers, thieves, colonizers, illegal immigrants, cowards and invaders.

Do I blame all Caucasian people and carry a chip on my shoulder? Not at all. But should the truth be told and confronted? You better believe it. Yet where is the disdain in the American-American community for the lies and limited, white-washed history pushed in our schools?

Until America honestly addresses the blood from the past spilled purposely to build this nation, it cannot plant real seeds of morality, integrity, fairness and honesty for the future because they will not take root in the soil of denial and treachery.

It does nothing but continue a pattern of deception and brainwashing to ignore the truth and live in denial about who we are as a people. Know your history, not just what they give you. When a people are defined by their oppressors, the definition will in fact be oppressive. And the longer the people buy into the lie, the more they will make it a self-fulfilling prophecy.

African-Americans are still letting the original formula of the oppressors define us as a people far too much and far too often. These elements of oppression hide the true rich and powerful heritage of our identity which spanned across this globe and impacted this planet. From the Moors to the Nubians, the Pharaohs to kings and queens to a strong, advanced noble people. But today far too many of our people subconsciously take the Donald Trump view of our origins from another continent.

Yes we are given crumbs of identity from the American table like Martin Luther King Jr., Medgar Evers, Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, Charles Drew, Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey and so on. And these brave pioneers should be given all the credit they deserve. But we forget that our strongest pioneers are and were those who had real identity – not white-washed and whited out.

To say you are “black” in any month or every month when you are not is a lie. To smile an celebrate “black history month” when we should celebrate our real history and identity every month is missing the point. To use terms given to your people by your oppressor which disconnect you from much of the greatest parts of your ancestry and world history is to be lost and not know who you are. Wake up!

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw


3 Responses to “Why “Black History” In America Is A Joke.”
  1. Trae Dave says:

    To Trevo Craw, AGAIN, I will CONTINUE to address this issue of LACK of common sense on BLACK America’s part . UNLESS you are born in AFRICA, and is NOT an American born citizen as required by legal documentation, You are a BLACK American, PLAIN and simple.Why in the world are so MANY of us ashamed to be BLACK ? It is SAD to say WHITE born Americans can be called, or openly excepted to be call WHITE and not European American (as they ARE) but WE(BLACK) Americans DIE to wish to be call AFRICAN Americans simply because we OBVIOUSLY do KNOW any better. What happened to BLACK and proud, BLACK is beautiful, The BLACKER the college, the sweeter the KNOWLEDGE ?. WE NEED TO LOOK A LITTLE CLOSER IN THE MIRROR, and say , I LOVE my color and the BLACK skin it’s IN. Black is a COLOR as defined by race to the point where I am a LOT more closer to being BLACK than I am being born, or having lived with personal family tied in AFRICA.BLACK folks need to get WOKE and STAY woke because WE have SADLY been sleeping on THIS issue for TOO LONG. As a proud BLACK man, I(Trae Dave) will continue to be an ADVOCATE to address correction on this isseue UNTIL someone GETS it ! Who knows , someone just MIGHT get it tomorrow.Prayfull, I HOPE so

  2. Trevo Craw says:

    From The Author
    To Lonnie,

    I appreciate your comments but i did not fail to do anything.
    You assume my objective was to take readers to “correct/proper”.
    In fact what is “correct/proper”? Your comment is ambiguous.
    I said in my articles that there is no identity in color at all so pecan tan or brown, neither is black and none of the three determine identity.

    You say people your color should be addressed as Mulatto but where is any research you presented to justify that? And a “wide ancestral pallette” as you describe it is not genetics nor archaeology.

    We all have opinions and the right to them. But facts are facts, reality is reality and real evidence is real evidence.

    Why do you seem to disavow African heritage? And where do you think civilization started?

  3. Lonnie says:

    I appreciate your thoughts on idenity, however; you fail to take readers to correct/proper idenity name. I don’t consider myself Black, happen to be pecan tan in color. I personally do think persons of color such as myself should be properly identified as “American Mulatto” which covers a wide ancestral pallette. Or better yet, “American Bred” which covers the rape, mixing and lineage leading up to my own birth. Above all, I am American born of indeterminant lineage after the slavery period of my ancesters in this country.

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