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An Unconscionable Hatred; Why Some Sistas Have Chosen To Attack Black Girls Instead Of Nasty R. Kelly.

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( When provided the benefit of hindsight, so many things become absurdly ironic. One of the most ironic items is my beloved mother’s constant refrain that there were some crimes that Black people did not commit; it actually became a running joke between us. When a crime was reported on a news station, my mother would shout from the kitchen that it was either a “Black crime” or a “White crime.” Indicative of the time that she was reared and the community that served as a protective shield, my mother believed that there were some crimes beneath Black people.

In time, I realized that my mother refused to believe that Black people committed sexual crimes beyond rape. It amazed me that my mother did not believe that sexual abuse of children was rampant in the Black community that she adored.

It was not until Alice Walker’s The Color Purple debuted on the big screen and Seely was offered up in marriage to Mr. Johnson with the caveat of “she done been spoiled twice” that my mother retreated from her naïve belief.

Presently, I doubt that there is anyone who believes sexual crimes are a rarity within Black America. Trust me when I say that although Lifetime’s airing of Surviving R. Kelly has placed this issue at the forefront of Black America’s mind, we all know that assaults on Black children — females, as well as males — is an everyday occurrence. Shamefully, such crime matters little, if at all, to significant segments of the community. Prior to putting pen to paper, I decided that there is little that I can write that would further illuminate this centuries old bruise on the soul of Black America; however, that realization led me to an understanding that there is much that needs to be said regarding the reaction of some Black women to R. Kelly’s crimes against black girls.

As with so many other battles Black women have once again proven that they do not hold the same viewpoint regarding substantive matters. On one side of this raging debate are Black women who have taken a position of righteous indignation that there are neither circumstances nor catalysts that make R. Kelly’s perversion acceptable. Unfortunately for Black womanhood, there has always been a segment of Black women who are enraged at the denigration of R. Kelly’s image in the public arena. Instead of holding the famed singer to task these “sisters” have chosen to distribute responsibility to the children and parents who allowed the alluded to issues to occur on their watch.

R. Kelly’s defenders have gone to extreme lengths to defend “the pied-piper of rhythm and blues” since allegations regarding his well-documented association with middle-school and high school girls. Instead of holding R. Kelly responsible for his actions, supporters have blamed his victims for being “too fast.” Regardless of the excuses, none of them hide the shameful reality that there is a segment of Black women who lack a compulsion to protect young Black girls. Where many see developing young black girls who should be mentored, protected, and ushered into womanhood, the alluded to segment of Black women consider them emerging rivals in a battle royal for immoral Black men.

The deplorable attitudes and viewpoints of many Black women verifies Malcolm X’s assertion that “the Black woman is the most disrespected person on the planet” in a most-unexpected manner. Considering the history of racial conflict that has ruled this nation since it’s founding, it was a given that there was a population of bigoted Whites who desired to vanquish Blacks from Earth.

Never did we suspect that our community was filled with so many Black women whose views of young Black females is akin to Dave Chappelle’s epic character Clayton Bigsby, the Black, white supremacist. Just as Clayton Bigsby jumped at every opportunity to explain why Blacks were unfit for living, many Black females are chomping at the bit to denigrate teenage Black girls to the point that they deny the undeniable reality that they are merely children filled with raging hormones and limited foresight of the road ahead. Instead of viewing them in this light, there is a segment of shameless Black women who view these children as developing temptresses endowed with the ability to rob them of their “man.”

If nothing else, discussions surrounding R. Kelly prove that it is difficult to be born Black in America and possess a love for Black folk. Those whose intellectual diet is provided by a society that loathes Black America do not stand a chance at becoming “credits to the Race” as their minds have been infected with a white-mindedness that is darn near impossible to reverse.

If we were able to access the mental processes of those blaming teenaged girls for R. Kelly’s actions, I am confident that we would be shocked to learn that their thoughts pivot around a question of “why not destroy these girls. What do they have to offer the world?” It is such thoughts, a by-product of poor socialization and even worse education, which retards their development and therefore our collective liberation.

I guess that for many R. Kelly supporters, “Age ain’t nothing but a number.”

Staff Writer; Dr. James Thomas Jones III

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4 Responses to “An Unconscionable Hatred; Why Some Sistas Have Chosen To Attack Black Girls Instead Of Nasty R. Kelly.”
  1. Anne Roberts says:

    There are no studies that justify the things R. Kelly has done. Far beyond targeting girls who were not at the age to legally consent, he has also engaged in sadistic, abusive behavior. Someone who is facing so many federal and state charges is not someone who was set up or otherwise victimized. He didn´t learn his lesson from being acquitted back in 2008, but continued his deviant
    behavior. I am only glad that times are changing and that rape victims are being truly heard. That is doubly true for black girls whom this society devalues. Protecting predators just because they are black is not pro-black, and deflecting to white predators–whose victims are almost always white–is a cop out.

  2. Pelvo White, Jr. says:

    My studies in anthropology have taught me that human male ( men attracted to women ),female ( women attracted only to men ), and mixtures of sexual attractions in between, or attractions to both sexes at the same time, et al, have what I call innate “catch material” meaning physical sexual appeals that can be sensed, and desired by other male,female,sexes in between,both sexes at the same time, et al. R. Kelly obviously has ” catch material ” . Which attracts some of all sexual preferences, and ages to him. This ” catch material ” also includes his money. Some animals and insects attract by color,sounds,smell,et al. It is doubtful that sexual behaviors by human beings can be regulated either by law,or religious fiat. In short, they will do what they want to do despite law and religion.I suspect that R.Kelly isn’t, nor will he be the last person who attracts young girls to himself whether it be by the senses of sight, sound,taste, touch, smell,or either his money,or a combination of all six.Humans are also animals whose mating habits haven’t been clearly defined or documented. There is enough ambiguous documentation in Western World history to suggest that neither the law, nor religious documents clearly define permissible sexual behaviors between underage ( African American males once had wives as young as thirteen with their parents’ consent ) girls, and grown men. R. Kelly could be displaying sights,sounds,taste,touches,smells, and money that some underage girls find attractive, and animalistically magnetic.

  3. Anne says:

    These were underage girls, NOT women. I keep wondering what part of that his defenders either don’t understand or refuse to understand. He intentionally sought out underage girls at schools, in restaurants, and other places, with the assistance of others who knew what he was doing was wrong. There were definitely parents who presented their underage daughters to him in spite of his well-deserved reputation as a predator. Besides, even being the age of consent doesn’t automatically confer maturity, which this grown man knows quite well. He picks underage girls or young women with low self-esteem that he can easily manipulate and control. As for the women who attack these girls, they would rather be entertained by the filth they call his music than to see these girls as the children they are and the need to protect them. In that respect, they mirror the larger society’s disregard for black girls and women. At the end of the day, R. Kelly’s enablers need to face some accountability, but he is ultimately responsible for causing so much pain to so many girls and young women. He was molested as a child himself, and he has morphed into a sadistic abuser of young women, sexually, emotionally, and physically. He is unrepentant, so he needs to face some harsh accountability, preferably behind bars.

  4. Trevo Craw says:

    Some of these “women” knew exactly what they were getting into and R. Kelly just flipped the script on them as did Cosby in many cases. All of a sudden a start struck groupie gold digger (in some cases) becomes a so-called victim and we are supposed to feel sorry for her?

    The gullibility of those with their own “get mine” agendas is an approach that often comes back on them.

    R. Kelly is trash but so are many of the rappers that many of you support. They objectify women and have no respect for them but you keep buying their CDs and going to their concerts. From Nikki Minaj to Ariana to Rihanna to Snoop, Puff, Jay-Z etc. So some of you who would cry “victim” are exactly why these no good low life “artists” do and get away with what they do.

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