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Why Does Brexit Complicate the UK’s Immigration Laws?

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( When the Brexit vote took place in 2016, the vote to leave surprisingly won, despite most polls showing that the vote to stay would make it. The politicians who campaigned in favour of leaving the EU spoke at length about the negative impact of immigration. They tried demonising immigrants and convinced people that when the country decides to leave the EU, it will be safe from “criminals” coming from other countries.

Two years after the surprising vote, the UK government under the leadership of Prime Minister Theresa May still cannot agree on the deal. Recently, the EU put forward a deal that May’s administration was okay with. However, it was so unpopular among the parliament that it was expected to fail. May eventually decided to suspend the vote as the failure of passage could threaten her leadership status, moved to renegotiate with the EU. However, the organisation said it was no longer interested in coming back to the negotiation table.

What’s next?

Theresa May is now trying to speak with some prominent leaders in the EU region to renegotiate. She also fought hard to win the vote of confidence of the members of her party. Among the reasons why there is significant disagreement among both sides is that those who campaigned for Brexit felt that the deal didn’t go far enough to protect the country’s borders. The ones who voted to stay thought that the deal was too harsh and could leave the country isolated from the rest of the European countries.

Complicated borders

To make things even more complicated, Northern Ireland shares a border with Ireland, the latter being a part of the EU. Currently, these countries don’t have a solid border based on agreement and because both belong to the EU. With the UK’s exit from the EU, there could be a hard border that will once again raise the tensions between these two countries.

Furthermore, some UK territories are enclaves of European countries. Currently, the British citizens inside these enclaves can freely go in and out of the European countries. With the UK leaving the EU, things could get complicated.

Apart from the movement of people, trade could also feel the impact of Brexit, and it could cost a lot of money for the UK and the countries they trade with.

What does it mean for immigrants?

If you are heading to the UK as an immigrant, the Brexit deal could also affect you. The laws are starting to become more stringent than they used to be. Again, Brexit happened because people hated the idea that there was a rising number of immigrants in the UK. As it stands, entering the UK is already difficult, but things could get worse once the deal is final.

If you still intend to move to the UK, you need to partner with top immigration solicitors UK legal firms offer. They understand the rules and will help you find a way to enter the country legally. You don’t need to panic yet, especially if you have a quality lawyer by your side.

Staff Writer; Jerry Poole

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