Nia Wilson’s Death; Tells Us Alot About The Non-Protecion Of Black Women.

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( It is strange to be able to say the following, I did not know Nia Wilson, the beautiful 18-year-old sister who was recently murdered at an Oakland BART station, yet I somehow feel that I knew her. Nia’s life came to an end this past Sunday night at the hand of John Lee Cowell, a 27-year-old white male whose crowning life achievement was earning the title of paroled felon. Cowardly Cowell slit Nia Wilson’s throat prior to attacking her sister Letifah in what authorities are terming the most brutal prison style killing they have ever seen.

As mentioned above, I did not personally know Nia Wilson or her sister Latifah, however, I somehow feel as if I knew them. This sense of familiarity is certainly attributable to being a black male who has seen untold violence directed at many of the women — aunts, cousins, girlfriends, close personal friends, and even passing acquaintances — that I hold in the highest esteem by men of various hues, races, ethnicities, educational levels, and levels of religiosity. If nothing else, the brutality that I have witnessed many black women receive at the hand of men, many of whom professed their undying love to their victims, issued unconditional support to my belief that Malcolm X’s admonishment that

The most disrespected person in America is the black woman. The most unprotected person in America is the black woman. The most neglected person in America is the black woman.

Now, I do not want you to get the impression that this posting is aimed at white men like John Lee Cowell who attack black women like the Wilson sisters, it most certainly does not exclude them, however, my target is much larger. In fact, my target is so expansive and personal that includes black men such as the one who married and then murdered my beloved cousin Deeta, the black man who was ordered by jailers to beat Fannie Lou Hamer beyond recognition, or even non-descript men who have convinced themselves that black women are objects to be used and discarded at their whim.

As I seek to filter through the cascade of emotions and feelings that flow from an 18-year-old black girl having her throat slit in public, I find it impossible to suppress the directive of former Black Panther Party for Self-Defense leader Elaine Brown to hunt with an unquenchable bloodthirst. The fact that Nia Wilson’s killer has been captured should mean nothing to the righteous, he should be hunted regardless of his location.

I guess that I differ from many of my comrades in possessing the feeling that the purge that needs to occur in regards to ridding the Earth of those who possess the desire to harm black women and girls would not cease with the removal of non-white males who do such deeds. Considering that this problem of black women being disrespected that Malcolm X articulated above is found among every racial identity or ethnicity on the planet Earth, my hunt would include all who execute such deeds, not merely white males like cowardly John Lee Cowell.

No segment of Black America should be able to rest until Malcolm X’s assertion is no longer true. When one considers what happened to Nia Wilson, it should become clear to the entire community that we should not expect to rest until we die.

All Power to Righteous People!!!!!!!!!

Staff Writer; Dr. James Thomas Jones III

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