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The National Capitalists Against Athletes aka NCAA – Modern Day Slavery 101.

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( I’ve deliberately avoided watching March Madness recently because I’m very aware of the massive exploitation of black athletes who run March Madness every year while mostly white coaches, commentators, athletic directors, administrators, and universities make millions and billions off of March Madness each year.

Also, if you watch one particular college basketball game, even a March Madness one, if you look at the bench at most of the guys that don’t play, that are just there to prop up the average GPA, they’re young white guys. If you look at most of the guys who are putting in the work on the basketball court, those are young black guys. The exploitation is clearly on display.

When white journalists, white reports, white commentators, or white media outlets like ESPN talk about the exploitation of college athletes, specifically the black ones, they always talk about it from a narrow minded, one-sided, watered down, and very condescending way.

College sports nowadays have become a multi billion dollar plantation where most of the guys that are putting in the work on the field or on the court are young black men who between the ages of 18-21 who come from colonial conditions imposed on their communities via gentrification, police containment, police violence, mass incarceration, economic despair, homelessness, and poverty while most of the people that are benefiting from the massive exploitation of the unpaid and exploited labor of black athletes are white male coaches, commentators, athletic directors, administrators, and white universities in general. This is one of the many notorious examples of Unpaid, Exploited Black Labor = White Wealth

In 2014, The NCAA reached a billion dollars in revenue for the very first time and that amount of money was made during their biggest parasitic capitalist extravaganza of the year called “March Madness”. Like The NBA and NFL, The NCAA is a parasitic capitalist sports league that makes billions each year off of the massive exploitation of labor of mostly black athletes.

The NCAA is also notorious for looking the other way when it comes to incidents of academic misconduct as seen in the 2014 academic scandal at The University Of North Carolina where about 3,100 athletes (most of them were black males) were put in fake classes by colonial white administrators and coaches to keep them eligible to play on the football field and basketball court.

The NCAA rules prohibit athletes, specifically the black ones from profiting off of their own image, likeness, talent, and even their own autograph. They’re also not allowed under any circumstances to take money from outside sources via family, friends, and shady agents.

And if college athletes, mainly the black ones do take money from the outside sources that I mentioned, The NCAA will come down extremely hard on them and black athletes are mostly affected negatively by The NCAA’s reign of tyranny because you often hear stories of black athletes being punished so severely by The NCAA such as it was recently reported Diamond Stone allegedly receiving $14,303 from a shady agent during his one season at The University Of Maryland or notorious cases like Reggie Bush and his family receiving almost 300 G’s ($300,000) while he made millions on the football field for The University Of Southern California who greatly profited off of his unpaid and exploited labor. And as a result of that, they took away his Heisman Trophy and had to vacate all the wins from the 2004-2005 season.

The NCAA parasitically extracts over a billion dollars a year from the black community through the black athletes. The NCAA is basically a form of modern day slavery that runs and operates like a plantation where the unpaid, exploited labor of black athletes pays huge dividends for the colonial white overseers via mostly white male coaches, commentators, athletic directors, administrators, and universities.

For anyone who thinks that a “scholarship” is good enough for athletes, then go take away Nick Saban’s $11 million dollar salary and give him a scholarship and see how’ll quickly he cusses you out and quits his job as head football coach at The University Of Alabama In Tuscaloosa.

The Conclusion – My position when it comes to the exploitation of black athletes by The NCAA is clear: they deserve to be properly compensated for their labor, image, likeness, and autograph. If they refuse to properly compensate black athletes for their work, then black athletes should definitely bring down the parasitic capitalist empire of The NCAA by boycotting it.

Staff Writer; Kwame Shakir (aka Joe D.)

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