The Black Star Project Teaching Victimhood.

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( Suppose a white conservative Christian or a white conservative public figure said the following:

“Poor black families can work hard 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for the next 300 years. They will never catch up to most middle and upper-middle income white families. This system is not designed for them to catch up. In fact, it is designed for them to stay behind, no matter how hard, how smart and how much they work. Without a comprehensive system redesign, poor black families might as well be slaves!”

As you have probably guessed, it wasn’t a white conservative Christian who made such an objectionable statement – it was an angry, hate-filled, black man who thinks America owes him because of the color of his skin. This person is the founder of the black-Muslim front group known as “The Black Star Project.” His name is Phillip Jackson.

The Black Star Project is a color-coded group that concentrates on indoctrinating black children with resentment of whites and America, as if a centralized bureau of discouragement were needed.

I grew up being inculcated with the message that if I worked hard enough there was no limit to what I could accomplish. I grew up in a home that placed a premium upon excelling academically because my late mother saw that as the key to success. My late mother worked hard to provide for me, and in so doing she set an example I have copied. I saw the families of my cousins and the families of my friends work virtually sun up to sun down. I watched this pattern of endeavor lead my cousins and friends who are my age to successful careers, to being successful small-business owners and valued employees.

I grew up seeing families own property regardless of the color of their skin. I grew up seeing said family and family friends pass property on to their children as a means of perpetuating wealth.

My son grew up in a home that focused upon Jesus Christ, education and culture. He’s an accomplished classical clarinetist who also enjoyed success in other pursuits. Today he’s a successful self-employed businessman. To become a successful clarinetist, he practiced long hours. To become one of the top seven in the world in his other endeavor, he trained and sacrificed. As a successful self-employed businessman, he studies and spends long hours in his office. This has resulted in a successful life for him. It’s the same with friends he grew up with. He volunteers his time with children, counseling them on the importance of setting goals and the importance of integrity and hard work.

My son and his friends are role models. They aren’t baby-daddies, thugs and haters. My son doesn’t drink, and I have never once heard him curse, albeit his father has a couple pet words like “hell” and “damn” I am known to periodically employ.

This isn’t a bragging session about my upbringing, the upbringing of my friends, nor the upbringing of our children. It is about our telling our children that there were no limits if they were willing to work and dream. My closest friends grew up in struggling households, but they learned by example the importance of hard work and determination. My one friend’s daughter has excelled professionally beyond his greatest imagination. She is a genius who is now setting new standards of achievement in her field. My best friend, who came from humble beginnings, has watched his daughter become a scientist; his son is a successful professional who is rapidly climbing to the top of his field. My other friend’s daughter, due to traumatic illness was forced to retire from a very successful journalism career.

I observe the men and women I went to college with and observe where their dogged determination has launched them. The one thing we all had in common is the same thing we instilled into our children, and that is that life isn’t easy nor is it always fair, but it’s what you make of it.

Phillip Jackson said: “Those who control the education of the children, control the future of that race.” The Erebusic errancy in his statement is that there’s no such thing as “race.” “Race” is a fallacious construct created by the social-Darwinists; it’s intended to give credibility to the lie of evolution.

The Black Star Project Jackson founded and heads purports itself as dedicated to the education of black children. With that thought in mind, his quote that “Those who control education, control the future of [those people]” should give even marginally reasonable persons cause for concern.

He and the damnable parasites who are extorting money from every source available based upon guilt and skin-color are transcendent examples of teaching malleable minds how to be failures.

The very message used to inspire successful persons worldwide is the message Jackson claims won’t work for black children, despite all evidence to the contrary. Clearly, it’s not whites who are betraying and suppressing blacks; it’s other blacks – and Phillip Jackson is the prime example.

Written by Mychal Massie

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