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Florida Shooting: False Flag & The Whole Truth.

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( I do not think the Florida shooting is a Hoax. But I do see evidence of it being a false flag. And in a False Flag event lives seen as collateral can be lost. Everything that needed to be overlooked for this to happen was conveniently overlooked – from Face book to the FBI to Social Services to neighbors seeing him with guns to a 19 year old who works at Dollar Tree having the money to buy almost a dozen expensive high powered weapons and handguns. The people he lived with knew he had guns and that he was disturbed. The police had reportedly been called to or about his residence 39 times from 2010 to 2018. My guess is that the people he stayed with were acting as guardians and receiving insurance money from his mother’s death. That would explain why they let him keep what he wanted to keep (the guns). That would also explain where he got the money to buy all those weapons. And articles have quietly floated around that

The result of the Parkland school shooting will be more police powers and the reduction of citizen rights to carry firearms. With each incident our rights diminish even though we who are responsible gun owners did nothing wrong. We shouldn’t be punished for what someone else did. A free society unfortunately has disadvantages. But to have a free society we must uphold the right for any safe, sane and law abiding citizen to responsibly purchase, carry and keep any firearm he or she chooses.

As a former detective and firearms instructor I can say with certainty that only a skilled, programmed and likely drugged person could kill 17 people then hide the weapon quickly, regain his composure and jump in a crowd of his fellow students, keep calm, slip out past police and get a mile away. This is the type thing assassins are trained to do, to hide in plain sight. Such behavior and composure is not the actions of a crazy person, but rather a psychopathic, programmed assassin. Like other active shooter incidents, an AR-15 was used. Like other active shooter incidents, a fake “code red” drill was scheduled on or near the day of the incident. How odd. Timing tells us alot of what is really going on.

Some students stated there was more than one shooter but even though some news media interviewed them, this is being kept in the dark. Same or similar pattern in both Connecticut and Columbine. Further, it has been reported that the U.S. Secret Service were at the school days or weeks before the shooting and allegedly changed security protocols.


Guns are not the problem. Legal access is one of the problems. But before you blame a piece of metal and plastic called an AR-15, know that more violent crimes are committed with handguns than rifles or assault weapons. So now what? According to Jack Kingston “From 1991 to 2014, 160 million guns were purchased by Americans. During that time violent crime went down 52% and the murder rate went down 54%”.

Supposedly both a fire drill and active shooter drill were scheduled for February 14th – the same day the real shootings happened.

Where was the school resource officer and why didn’t he or she engage the shooter? School resource officers are generally trained police officers and fully armed.

So while we are blaming the NRA and gun dealers, we need to look at who really failed. The NRA did not make the guns and the gun dealers are largely following the law. So maybe the law is failing. The mental health care system failed. The police who went to Cruz’s house 39 times failed. The FBI who did not relay the message about Cruz to their Florida office failed. The students who heard him speak about shooting up the school failed. The couple who knew Cruz was disturbed and that he had guns failed. The school system failed for not using metal detectors failed. The school resource officer who nobody has said engaged the shooter also failed. The system that allows anybody to purchase any firearm without a background check and a weapons permit failed. And those parents who allow their children to play with water guns, cap guns, BB guns, guns in video games, Playstation and Xbox guns are contributing to the problem.

The solutions to keep our children safe are simple and here they are:

1. Metal detectors in schools and limited entry points for all students.

2. Required background checks and firearms permits for anybody on any type of firearm.

3. Social media requirements to report any mentally unstable posts, pics or behavior.

4. Better trained and more proactive school resource officers.

5. Mental health alerts added to NCIC background check procedures.

6. Stop the sale of all high powered assault weapons to the public. But for right now it’s legal so I support what is legal as our right.

7. A national campaign against guns as toys and in video games.

8. A national student “see something / say something” campaign.

9. Limit the number of rounds a magazine or clip can hold unless law enforcement.

10. Arm and train select school officials just like they did pilots.

11. Schools must identify those students who fit dangerous profiles.

Georgia, my state, allows students to carry guns on college campuses. Good. A person will think twice about shooting up a classroom if he or she knows people sitting in that room are armed. Georgia also regulates how many rounds a handgun magazine, for example, can carry if you are not law enforcement. Another smart move. And for those idiot democrats like Vincent Fort who fought against guns on college campuses, there has not been a rise in irresponsible student incidents. I told him that but he wanted to blame guns as the problem. Wrong.

This Florida shooting, like Sandy Hook, Columbine, the Batman shooting and dozens of active shooter incidents around this country, did not happen by chance. Think I am talking conspiracy theory? Let’s look at some facts. I suggest all of you Google “MK-Ultra”. Then go to the federal government patent and trademark website ( and do a search on “mind control devices”. Once you see for yourself I challenge you to say I am just stuck in conspiracy theory. This keeps happening every so often – same type weapons, same signs  of “mental illness” overlooked, missed or ignored and same methods used in the shootings.

If you want some conspiracy stuff, here it is. The Florida shooting was done on the 45th day of this year and Trump is the 45th President. Parkland, the name of the school, was also the name of the hospital that John F Kennedy was taken to after he was killed. Reportedly the United States Secret Service conducted drills at Parkland High School just weeks before. And finally, several students have been interviewed saying there was more than one shooter. All coincidence? Maybe but not likely. Be alert, be prepared, Know the signs. Expect the unexpected.

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw


2 Responses to “Florida Shooting: False Flag & The Whole Truth.”
  1. jovial says:

    Are you aware ‘beware a pale horse’? Bill Cooper talks about the strategy of using school shootings.. for agenda.. these people are sick!

  2. Trevo Craw says:

    I smell a ton of rats regarding the Parkland school shooting:

    1, So a student shoots a bunch of people, kills 17 of them, completely keeps his composure, dumps a hot AR-15 and casually walks out with the rest of the students? The police don’t hold or interview any students in thee entire school who can say “hey that’s the shooter walking out with us”?

    2. Not one but 4 trained Deputies stand outside while people are screaming and dying. Why when there are 4 of them, all with the same weapons and back up weapons, all with the same training, all from the same department? Obviously they know how to work as a team but they did nothing.

    3.The school resource officer deputy says he thinks the shots are coming from outside. So after 30 years of experience he cannot tell if the shots are inside walls or outside? Completely different sounds.

    4. I have seen several interviews with students and parents. Even with those who lost friends and relatives. Why no tears flowing like water falls wen it just happened? Not even when meeting with President Trump. Crocodile tears don’t count.

    5. Why have there not been hardly any black students interviewed, esp on CNN? Very very few. But if you go to Youtube, you can see them everywhere saying they were / are students at Parkland.

    6. Everything that needed to be overlooked was conveniently overlooked in order to allow this to happen. Did so many fail or did they allow it? Facebook, social services (DFACS), the FBI, the people the shooter stayed with (even though they knew he had guns, the police had been there or called over 35 times and he had put a gun to their son’s head before) etc.

    7. How does a mentally disturbed 19 year old working at Dollar Tree have the money to buy 10 high powered weapons and handguns?

    8. Students knew he had said he wanted to do this. Others saw his posts on Facebook. Nobody took him seriously but now they all want to say they knew he was crazy? Really?

    9. Why is the mainstream news media including reporters and politicians, the sheriff and Trump not mentioning that several students were interviewed and said there was more than one shooter? One girl even said she was standing next to the alleged shooter when shots were fired in another part of the building.

    The list could go on. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

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