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Florida School Shooting: The Leftists Agenda In Full Effect.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) When I first heard about the terrible Florida school shooting, I knew the American Left (Democrats, fake news and Hollywood) would shamefully exploit the victims the way they always do. The Leftists’ manual, “Rules for Radicals” says, “Never let a crisis go to waste.” In other words, always exploit victim’s pain and suffering to further Leftists’ agenda. We’ve seen Leftists repeatedly use this insidious heartless tactic.

Every time a tragic incident happens, cold calculating Leftist operatives run to the victims with open arms pretending to have their best interest at heart; vowing to fix the problem. But rather than seeking real commonsense solutions, Leftists use victims as cover to further their extreme agenda and attack people they hate; Christians, gun owners, the NRA, Conservatives, Republicans, achievers, non victim-minded minorities and straight white men. The same way Muslim terrorists attack using women and children as shields, Leftists attack their enemies from behind victims. It is disgusting and evil.

Remember the crazy white guy who shot up the Charleston black church? Leftists worked Americans into a frenzy, using the black victims to ban Confederate flags, demand the removal of historic monuments, blame gun owners and white Americans. The shooter never referenced flags or monuments. It did not matter. Leftists exploited the victims to enact racial revenge against Southerners and bash America.

When the Islamic terrorist massacred homosexuals in an Orlando nightclub, Leftists worked Americans into a frenzy. Leftists used the dead homosexuals to attack Christians, anyone not in favor of same sex marriage, the NRA, Conservatives, Republicans and gun owners. None of whom had anything to do with the massacre. Leftists practically ignored the actual shooter.

Black repeat criminal Michael Brown assaulted the clerk while robbing a convenience store. Brown was shot resisting arrest, wrestling the police officer for his gun. Leftists promoted the lie that Brown was murdered by a cop while surrendering with his hands up. http://bit.ly/2Hzf6Yl Leftists’ “hands up, don’t shoot” lie led to cops being ambushed and assassinated http://fxn.ws/2EIhsX1 and Obama usurping control of police departments across America. See how Leftists exploit every incident? How does one cop defending himself lead to Obama taking control of police departments across America?

Meanwhile, blacks murdering each other in record numbers in cities controlled by Democrats gets a yawn from Leftists. http://bit.ly/2ogopV9 We the People don’t matter to Leftists; only furthering their agenda and punishing their enemies.

In the recent Florida shooting, we have a disturbed young man that the FBI knew about. The cops came to his home 36 times. http://nws.mx/2EE742q Like most youths, the shooter posted his craziness on line. And yet, nothing was done to stop him.

Leftists are hiding behind and exploiting the traumatized students. Leftists are lecturing everyone about not politicizing the shooting while they have the students parroting Democrat talking points.

Insidiously, Leftists shifted blame from the actual shooter to Republicans, Trump, the NRA and law abiding gun owners. We’ve seen this scene in western movies. Loudmouth Leftists stand on the jailhouse steps, working the town folks into an angry mob. Innocent Republicans, Trump, the NRA and gun owners who had nothing to do with the shooting are locked up inside the jailhouse. A Leftist community organizer screams, “Let’s drag those no count varmints into the public square and high-tech lynch ’em!”

Neither Republicans, Trump, the NRA nor gun owners had anything to do with the Florida school shooting. Therefore, getting rid of them will not prevent the next shooting. Leftists will accuse anyone stating this obvious truth of not caring about the students.

People are offering commonsense real solutions like hiring security or allowing teachers to carry. Leftists don’t care about real solutions to protect our kids. Leftists only care about using the students as pawns to attack their political enemies. I’m talkin’ pure evil folks.

Leftists always try to make us throw our brains out the window and submit to their emotion driven idiocy, always shrouded in bogus compassion. Ultimately, Leftists want government to confiscate all guns. If that happens, we would be at the mercy of armed bad guys. Why? Because criminals do not obey gun laws.

Why do Leftists reject evidence confirming that crime is lower and people are safer wherever citizens are armed? http://bit.ly/2CpVm5E Bad guys are typically cowards and opportunists.

Democrat politicians, fake news media and Hollywood elites are obsessed with government taking our guns while surrounding themselves with heavily armed security and even secretly caring guns. http://bit.ly/2sEFjkELeftists lobby government to place rules on us which do not apply to them.

Our hearts and prayers go out to victims of the Florida shooting. It is truly shameful watching Leftists behaving like ambulance chasers; rushing to every incident to throw Americans’ pain, suffering and lives on the alter in worship to their false god of Liberalism.

Staff Writer; Lloyd Marcus

Chairman of The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama.

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Lloyd is singer/songwriter of the American Tea Party Anthem and author of Confessions of a Black Conservative, foreword by Michele Malkin.


2 Responses to “Florida School Shooting: The Leftists Agenda In Full Effect.”
  1. Anirban (aka Abner) Bhattacharya says:

    There are views which I differ with, such as I think we should stay out of the Middle East and stop doing wars for Israel such as Iraq War. I see people who are Pro-Israel and have David Star flag. But I support their free speech right to say that and in fact, I sometimes debate people who are pro-Israel. I support gun control and am against the NRA. But I also don’t think people should be punished for supporting the NRA and I support their free speech right.

    I have found that there are many gays and lesbians such as Milo Hanrahan Yiannopolous make excuses for pedophilia when it’s same sex. While most gays and lesbians are not committing pedophilia, they agree with comments Milo H. Yiannopolous made justifying same sex pedophilia. Homosexual groups lobby for laws lowering the consent age for sex. They tolerate same sex pedophilia as Milo Hanrahan Yiannopolous supports same sex pedophilia, so that’s a topic they think the same way about.

    Different nations such as those in Europe have lowered consent age for sex because of pressure from homosexual groups. Even in the United States, it used to be that minimum consent age was 18 to even some states (21), but in many states, the consent age has been lowered to as low as 15 because of homosexual groups lobbying for lowering the consent age for sex.

    Incidentally, here are things which media has not covered regarding Orlando June 2016. In June 2016, Pastor Roger O. Jimenez (Sacramento) and Pastor Steven Lee Anderson (Tempe) called the 50 Orlando Pulse shooting victims and the others wounded pedophiles. It turns out that on that night, there were underaged teenagers in the pub, so there were individual homosexual pedophiles seeking victims, before the shooting. Now it wasn’t Omar S. Mateen’s place to be executioner. It was the police’s job to arrest, with jury trials and courts deciding punishment. But there were pedophiles that night in the Orlando Pulse before shooting.

    Democrats and Republicans push the same things on some topics such as transgenderism. Republicans especially conservatives say they’re against this, but then push what they say to be against, such as people who call themselves Republican conservatives will speak against pedophiles like HB Milk who boasted about having homosexual relations with teenage boys but then the same Republican conservatives support Breitbart and Fox News having Milo H. Yiannopolous making excuses for homosexual pedophilia and then the same Republicans making excuses for Breitbart.

    It’s predictable when we hear gays such as Milo H. Yiannopolous supporting pedophilia when it’s homosexual as he did in interviews. Those who call themselves conservatives will say they’re against this, but then they hire columnists who support this and who support transgenders such as Michelle Malkin, AnnH Coulter-2 columinsts who are pro-transgender.

    It is rumored that Ohio Representative JD Jordan covered up or was negligent with regard to homosexual pedophiles abusing teenage wrestlers during the late 1990s. Sometimes rumors are true. The right thing to do is investigate the rumor and see if proof verifies or debunks this. Peter J. LaBarbera says that he is against transexual mutilations and he says that he is against homosexual pedophiles, yet Peter J. LaBarbera, Laurann Ingraham & Michelle Malkin and Mission America’s Linda P. Harvey are making excuses for Ohio Representative Jim D. Jordan accused of covering up homosexual pedophilia against teenage wrestlers.

    Peter J. LaBarbera (Americans for Truth), Mission America’s Linda P. Harvey, Michelle Malkin and Fox News Laurann Ingraham took sides with JD Jordan because JD Jordan is Republican & not care about the teenage wrestlers who were abused by homosexual pedophiles. 1 thing people bring up is that 1 of the wrestlers who is now an adult once emailed a photo of a murderer to the victim’s widow. Yes, the wrestler has turned out to be a horrible adult. The fact that 1 of the wrestlers has turned out to be a bad adult has no relevance to investigating-was Jim Daniel Jordan negligent and or did Jim Daniel Jordan cover up homosexual sex abuse of teenage wrestlers?

    As Republican Party and Fox News have had people who are transexual such as WBruce Jenner as a guest, no ideology difference between the Republicans and Democrats on some topics and no ideology difference between CNN and Fox News on some topics. Fox News is no better than CNN, especially as Fox News has commenters who are pro-transgender such as Ann H. Coulter and Michelle Malkin who both make excuses for transexuality. Fox News is pro-transgender and they’re even worse because @least CNN, NBC, ABC and the other networks are honest while Fox News pushes the same trash.

    President Donald John Trump’s a haughty, arrogant, businessman. I didn’t like him before he was President and don’t like him since he became President. Sure, there can be individual topics on which I can agree with him on, but he has done a poor job on different things such as President Trump’s bad idea of embassy in Jerusalem (need to say out of Middle East), President Trumps bad idea of putting sanctions on Iran and President Trump’s bad idea of putting aranceles on steel and aluminum.

    President Trump and his supporters talk too much about ex President Obama and they talk too much about the Clintons, when Obama isn’t the President anymore. President Trump and his supporters waste too much time reacting to celebrity views. I also don’t see why people waste time reacting to what celebrities say about Trump either for or against. They don’t raise much new, we’ve heard this before and it’s not surprising. Yet, so much time is wasted by President Trump and their supporters reacting to what celebrities say and talking about Ex President Obama. If a celebrity says something for or against Trump, then just don’t reply. President Trump should concentrate on what he does as President and people should talk about the work Trump is doing.

    It’s unsurprising that people who support President Trump justify him. Before the 2016 election, I heard evangelicals condemning Trump but since the 2016 elections, evangelicals are making excuses for him. And so much time is wasted by President Trump’s supporters talking about Hillary, ex President Clinton and ex Pres. Obama, when those 3 aren’t politicians anymore.

    With President Trump’s supporters (especially evangelicals), they say they’re against something and then do what they say to be against, which started by supporting Trump. It also makes no sense for evangelicals to decry the Rainbow Flag, but support Breitbart who hired Milo Hanrahan Yiannopolous & then make excuses for Milo Hanrahan Yiannopolous after he defends same sex pedophilia.

  2. Anirban (aka Abner) Bhattacharya says:

    Mr. Marcus, if people want to own guns, then they should go through the same reqt. as owning a car, such as requiring gun owners to be licensed, insurance & people who don’t understand guns should not use them just as those who don’t understand cars should not be driving.

    I don’t care about the gay and lesbian marriage and if knowing and willing adults want to do this then it’s their life. But many gays and lesbians were childhood sexual abuse victims which could have caused their sexual conduct as sexual conduct can be learned. It’s possible that it could be inborn for some, but even if that’s proven to be true , that wouldn’t rule out the fact that sex abuse could be a cause for some. It’s same way that some people have lung problems because they’re exposed to pollution, tobacco and then some people live clean lives and still have lung problems because of bad genes. Then you have people who use tobacco and don’t get any problems because of good genes. It’s still better to not expose yourself to pollution and not smoke.

    With June 2016 Orlando Pulse, given that many of the victims were Hispanic and given the problems of homosexual Catholic priests, it can easily be that 1 or more of the gay men killed and wounded in the June 2016 Orlando Pulse had been as a boy molested by gay pedophiles such as gay Catholic priests which caused them to repeat sexual conduct they learned from their abuse & possibly even turn out to be gay pedophiles. It turns out that on that night, there were underaged teenagers in the pub, so there were individual pedophiles seeking victims, before the shooting. Now it wasn’t Omar S. Mateen’s place to be executioner. It was the police’s job to arrest, with jury trials and courts deciding punishment. But there were pedophiles that night in the Orlando Pulse before shooting.

    We already know that with Orlando Pulse, Luis Javier Ruiz, 1 of the homosexual men who survived has AIDS and he got this as a result of promiscuity, alcohol and drugs. Orlando Pulse had drug junkies & drug dealers there that night before the shooting and homosexual Luis Javier Ruiz is an AIDS infected drug junky who survived the June 2016 Orlando Pulse shooting. It’s possible that Luis Javier Ruiz is still using drugs because drug junkies often have relapses.

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