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School Shooting At Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School In Parkland, Florida – Part Of The Crisis Of The Current Social System.

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( Recently at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, a former student (a teenage white boy) opened fire at the school injuring 14 and killing 17 people. At first glance, many people will only be reactionary by saying “not again” or “these kids need to be punished by the colonial state”

But when I look at this incident from a much broader perspective, this recent school shooting if anything continues to expose the fact that the colonial social system is in a very deep crisis where you have colonized people from parts of the world like in Syria, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, and even in Africa are fighting back to reclaim their resources that have been historically and today stolen from them by the colonial imperialist powers such as The U.S. and U.K. in particular.

The colonial ruling class media often uses school shootings such as The Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida just recently to deliberately create fear and panic as well as to provoke a response from the general white public in regards to pushing more police in schools.

When these pessimistic corrupt politicians at the city, county, state, and national level talk about putting more police in schools, they ain’t talking about putting more police in predominant white schools where white students are allowed to bring guns and drugs to school, they mean putting more police into predominant African schools and this vicious police containment in predominant African schools has only led to young African teens being harassed, intimidated, pepper sprayed, tazed, assaulted, criminalized, and even killed in some cases by the police as this is also part of the public policy of police containment of the African community.

Here in “The Ultimate Shithole For Colonized People” known as America, Africans and other groups of oppressed people are also fighting back not only against the colonial state terrorism deliberately inflicted against them on a daily basis, but to also reclaim the wealth and resources that have also been stolen by them by the colonial parasitic social system.

According to a survey, over the past 5 years, there have been almost 300 school shootings which includes 15 this year across the country that have been mostly carried out by teenage white boys especially the ones that made national and international headlines like The Sandy Hook school shootings back in 2012 to The North Park Elementary School Shooting in San Bernardino, California last year.

These school shootings continue to expose the deep crisis of the colonial social system and one of the main contradictions that I will point out is that if a teenage white boy goes on a Terminator-style killing spree and shoots up the school and goes on the run, then the white community is never put under heavy military lockdown by the police. But if a young African teenage boy shoots and kills a police officer, the entire African community is put under heavy military lockdown by the police as the police function today as an occupying military force in our community which is very similar to the U.S. military occupation that you see in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Another common example of the crisis of the colonial social system is that according to a study done by The University Of New Hampshire, in 17 states across the country, more white people are actually dying than being born due to committing suicide and also dying from drug addiction and od’ing (overdosing) on opioids and the main contradiction of this paragraph is that when whites are addicted to drugs, it’s deemed a “national health crisis” in which they get treatment and rehab for drug addiction, but when African people are addicted to drugs, we are deliberately criminalized and incarcerated for drug addiction as well as participating in the illegal drug economy imposed on our community by The U.S. Government.

Like most African people like myself living in “The Ultimate Shithole For Colonized People” called America, I also have a very long and notorious history with drugs, drug addiction, and participation in the illegal drug economy in my family. I remember when I was a little boy growing up in the hood, drugs and drug abuse were rampant in my family because my grandma was a heavy alcoholic as well as an over-the-counter prescription pill popper and 5 of my 6 older brothers participated heavily in the illegal drug economy not because they want to but because of being denied jobs and opportunities including the economic oppression inflicted on our community by the colonial status quo in the form of this corrupt city government here in my hometown.

I didn’t realize that it was also part of The U.S. Government’s vicious counterinsurgency against our community until I watched a film several years ago called “Kill The Messenger” that talked about how an investigative journalist named Gary Webb wrote a series of articles for The San Jose Mercury that actually exposed this type of counterinsurgency in the form of drugs that was deliberately put into our community to not only keep us away from political life, but also to destabilize our community and especially our family structures.

You look at our community 30+ years now, the crack epidemic has greatly devastated our community in the form of families being destroyed, African men and women being incarcerated and given egregious sentences for drug possession, young African men that have been killed in the street gang wars over “drug turf”, and African people who have also died from drug abuse as well as od’ing (overdosing).

The Conclusion – Whenever you hear stories about white people in this country dying more especially on suicide and opioid addiction, it’s a clear indicator that this social system is clearly on its death bed.

Staff Writer; Kwame Shakir (aka Joe D.)

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One Response to “School Shooting At Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School In Parkland, Florida – Part Of The Crisis Of The Current Social System.”
  1. Trevo Craw says:


    I have to ask how much of this is False Flag BS yet again. And yes real people are often hurt and killed in False Flag events. How does a 19 year old working at Dollar Tree afford 10 high powered rifles and handguns? Why did the FBI fail to relay the threat to the Florida field office? Why didn’t Facebook notice his comments? How is it that he can kill 17 people and is yet taken alive? If he was African American, reaching in his pocket would have gotten him “executed”.

    I suggest all of you reading this do your homework on what is a FALSE FLAG. Start with Youtube. And don’t let people tell you everything on Youtube is fake. Not true.

    Everything that needed to be overlooked in order for the Florida shooting to happen was conveniently and mysteriously overlooked. Just like Sandy Hook, the Pulse Nightclub shooting, Columbine, the Batman Shooter and even the military base shooting by the base psychologist.


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