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Clarion Call to Overcome.

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Tweet ( Question is…overcome what? Is it tyranny of oppression, injustices and inequality or is it the noxious stimulus of something else? It was 1863 when physical enslavement was supposedly abolished, and albeit [chattel] slavery essentially was, slavery in of itself under the guise of different names…continued for another 100... [Read more...]

The Truth of Genesis: The Seven Feasts Of Yehovah, Part 7G.

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Tweet ( In order to complete this series with this segment, a follow-up series will be written called “The Truth of Genesis: Final Disposition of Mankind”. There are more issues that need to be addressed that would carry over to an additional “Part”, which I don’t want to write. Previously, we left off with the rapture and... [Read more...]

Book Release; What the Bible Teaches About Leadership and Delegation.

Tweet ( After 400 years of living in slavery, Moses had just begun leading the Israelites out of Egypt. His task was to take the children of God toward Israel, their promised land. As we read in the Book of Exodus Chapter 18, Moses was laboring in the middle of the Sinai desert from dawn to very late into the day and night as he attempted... [Read more...]

Cultural Exploitation – My Thoughts.

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Tweet ( There’s a topic that’s being commonly discussed amongst a lot of African people that they call “cultural appropriation”, but I call it cultural exploitation. To parasitic opportunist whites, our culture is a costume/fad to them, but to us, our culture connects us back to the roots of our ancestry which began in Africa... [Read more...]

Roger Goodell & NFL Owners Should Reach Out To Colin Kaepernick.

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Tweet ( The NFL Commissioner’s office said it wanted former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick to attend the second NFL owners meeting. The NFL Players Association said it wanted Kaepernick to attend the meeting. Now whether Kaepernick will attend the meeting or not is anybody’s guess. So far, Kap has done what he... [Read more...]

Hating On Donald Trump Will Not Save America.

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Tweet ( I revisited election night videos on youtube of Leftists’ tearful meltdowns in response to Donald Trump defeating Hillary. Their panic, outrage and hatred for Donald Trump was over-the-top; truly amazing. I questioned, why was it so intense? I am a black Christian conservative. Trump is not ideological.... [Read more...]

5 Moves You Need To Make For Career Advancement In 2018.

Tweet ( 2018 is just around the corner, and while you will be thinking about the holiday season, you will also be taking stock of your life. At the end of every year, it’s natural for us to think about where we are in life, and this is especially true when it comes to our career. Think about it. Are you where you want to be? Have... [Read more...]

NFL Must Step Up, Yes Support Their Players.

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Tweet ( “We want to make sure we are understanding what the players are talking about, and that is complex.” – National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell. When San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick last year began kneeling during the National Anthem at the start of games, he explained: “I am not going to... [Read more...]

White People Being Discriminated Against, A Myth or Reality?

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Tweet ( There really isn’t much of a surprise in the recent poll conducted by NPR, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health that found that a majority of whites feel they are getting the short end of the stick on discrimination. Donald Trump cynically, but masterfully, mined that feeling... [Read more...]

Does #45 Donald Trump Hate Women?

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Tweet ( #45 hates women!  It probably was not necessary for me to say that, but if you didn’t already know it, we now know that #45 hates women—and he’s off the chart in his hatred of women of color.  Never mind that Black women have been acknowledged as the best educated in our nation—something we’ve known all along, while... [Read more...]

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