Cultural Exploitation – My Thoughts.

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( There’s a topic that’s being commonly discussed amongst a lot of African people that they call “cultural appropriation”, but I call it cultural exploitation.

To parasitic opportunist whites, our culture is a costume/fad to them, but to us, our culture connects us back to the roots of our ancestry which began in Africa and the colonial social system has a huge problem and often punishes us when we embrace our culture whether it be on the corporate plantation or the public school system.

Cultural exploitation from parasitic white colonizers is nothing new like a lot of reactionary African people in America claim that it is, but that claim is not actually true when in fact, it started way back several centuries ago.

The cultural exploitation was actually started by Europeans who viciously attacked Africa and African people over 600 years ago stealing our names, languages, identity, self-worth, culture, etc. and the cultural exploitation has manifested itself in several ways.

Here are several forms of cultural exploitation that whites have done historically and still continue to do today.

1. The Entertainent Industry – It appears that nowadays I’m seeing more and more parasitic white opportunists enriching themselves off the massive exploitation of the stolen African culture for their own personal gain from Elvis to Brittney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Eminem, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, NSYNC, Madonna, Teena Marie, Miley Cyrus, Sam Smith, Macklemore, The Kardashians, and plenty of others because in the imperialist entertainment industry, it’s “cool” to enrich yourself by exploiting another’s culture for parasitic capitalist gain by insultingly saying to us “thank y’all for making this stuff for us to infiltrate and profit off of”

A notorious example of the cultural exploitation by parasitic white opportunists in the entertainment industry is when I saw a video a few years ago by notorious parasitic white opportunist Miley Cyrus called “23” in which the blatant cultural exploitation was clearly on display when she wore different pairs of J’s in the video and different #23 jerseys while exploiting our culture in the process as well as participating in the sexual exploitation of urban women in one of her past videos when she got them to dance the way white folks like her want them to dance: very provocative way by twerking.

2. Hollywood – Hollywood has a very notorious history of whitewashing and exploiting African culture for parasitic capitalist gain and it’s seen in certain movies that deliberately whitewash over the true history of Ancient Kemet by casting white actors like Elizabeth Taylor as “Cleopatra” or casting white actors as Ancient Kemet figures in other movies like “Gods Of Egypt” and it’s also seen in plenty of video and mobile games as well nowadays. Even their awards like “The Oscar” trophy is a stolen copy of Ancient Kemetic figure named Ptah.

Also, I would also like to point out that African history has even been whitewashed by Hollywood in films like “Detroit” and “Stonewall”.

3. The Imperialist U.S. Government – Many of the symbols that the imperialist U.S. government currently uses are pieces of African culture that was stolen over 600 years ago during Europe’s vicious attack on Africa and African people.

The symbols that the imperialist U.S. government uses from stolen African culture are: The President Of The United States Symbol and the back side of the throwback $1 bill are a stolen copy of The Original Ancient Kemetic Bird Shen Symbol. America’s colors of “red, white, and blue” are a stolen copy of the original colors of The Karnak Temple in Alkebulan.

Also, and certain capitalist corporations like Starbucks currently uses a logo that’s a stolen copy of an Ancient African woman named Yemaya.

4. Hair Styles – The colonial media falsely stated that The Kardashians are “the first” to have what they call “boxer braids”, but African women have had cornrows and braids way, way, way long before the notorious parasitic white opportunists in The Kardashians had them. In fact, The Kardashians have made their entire wealth off of the massive exploitation of stolen African culture, especially stolen African female culture.

5. Religion – It’s no secret that Christianity is basically a ripoff of African spirituality and not only that certain things in The Bible are stolen copies of African culture.

Example – The Ten Commandments are a stolen copy of The Laws Of Ma’at.

The European Christian Cross is a stolen copy of The Original Ancient Kemetic Ankh Cross.

The image of Mary and Jesus are a stolen copy of Auset and Heru.

The Conclusion – To these parasitic white opportunists, our culture is NOT a costume that you can wear whenever you like because we’re gonna take back everything they stole from us, including our culture which rightfully belongs to us African people.

Staff Writer; Kwame Shakir (aka Joe D.)