African American Health: Understanding Alcoholism.

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( As African Americans, if you or someone you know is struggling with alcohol abuse or addiction, it’s important to find a qualified treatment facility, such as a reputable Palm Beach women’s rehab center. A rehabilitation center that specializes in alcohol addiction will be able to provide the necessary treatment needed for recovery. The sooner you begin the process, the sooner you’ll be able to start on your road to a healthier and more satisfying life. There is no doubt that alcoholism or alcohol abuse is a huge problem in the United States as a whole. In fact, nearly 14 million adults have an alcohol use problem. For African Americans, we depend on drugs and alcohol to cope with issues instead of seeking help. We must stop that. So, one of the best ways to combat alcoholism is through the use of education. Teaching the effects that alcoholism can have on an individual can potentially reduce the number of people who become addicted.

Alcoholism can affect anyone

Many people start drinking alcohol in social situations. For some, this alcohol consumption can quickly lead to major problems in their life. Eventually, it can cause problems not only with their family and friends, but also with their health.

Alcoholism can affect anyone. For example, many people were horrified to hear about the young man who slammed his vehicle into a crowd of people at one of the biggest Mardi Gras parades in New Orleans. While it is fortunate that there were no fatalities, there were 28 people were injured, five of them critically. What’s really sad is that this 25 year old man had a blood alcohol content that was almost three times the legal limit.

Dangers of Alcohol Abuse

According to the CDC, every day 28 people in the US are killed as the result of motor vehicle crashes involving a driver who is impaired by alcohol. In 2014, nearly one-third (31%) of traffic related deaths in the U.S. involved an alcohol impaired driver. Of course, alcoholism plays a role in much more than traffic accidents and fatalities, it has also been shown to increase risk factors for cardiovascular disease, cancer, anemia, cirrhosis of the liver, and numerous other health problems.

Alcoholism is a Disease

As African Americans this is important to hear. There was a time when people assumed that the person who drank excessively was simply demonstrating poor judgment and a lack of self-control; however, through years of research, professionals have now come to realize the effects that heavy drinking can have on the brain. Alcoholism is now known to be a chronic brain disease rather than a behavioral problem. This means for us, we must not make excuses for the behavior.  Fortunately, effective treatment options have made it possible for the alcoholic to recover from their illness.

Recovery is Possible with the Right Treatment

Treatment options for alcoholism can vary dramatically. There are both inpatient and outpatient facilities. Additionally, some facilities are in a hospital or medical setting, while others try to offer a more relaxed, home-like environment. Of course, a good treatment program will have qualified staff designed to help you through the detoxification process as well as provide the help you need to move forward with your recovery.

Treatment for alcoholism is an ongoing process and something that will require the patient to work at for the rest of their lives. However, with coping techniques and a strong support system, it is possible to live a life without alcohol.

What You Need to Know about Alcohol Recovery

Even with the very best treatment program, understanding the process and how treatment will affect you both physically and mentally can be a big help in coping during this difficult time. A comprehensive alcohol detox guide will be able to help you determine if you or your loved one has a problem with alcohol. It can also be an excellent resource for learning about various detox programs and how different treatment options will impact your life. Understanding alcoholism, its signs and symptoms, as well as the detoxification process can help you make the right choice for your road to sobriety. This is vital information for us as African Americans in which we need certain tools to help us if we are trapped in that void.

When you or your loved one is ready to learn more about how alcohol treatment can help, a company like elevations health could be an excellent resource. You’ll learn how to identify the signs of a drinking problem as well as the various treatment options that are available. Additionally, with the right alcohol recovery program, you’ll be able to address your alcohol addiction as well as any other underlying problems. With skilled therapists and staff, you’ll move through detox and treatment, eventually making the important step to sober living. Throughout this process, with a strong support system and people who will be there when you’re feeling weak, you’ll be able to overcome your addiction and enjoy a life free of alcoholism and its devastating effects. As African Americans, we must protect not only ourselves from this crippling disease and behavior, but each other.

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