Karrueche Tran, Chris Brown relationship, Rihanna drama still.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Karrueche Tran seems to be all up in arms over Chris Brown and Rihanna again. If it is over, why is the roller coaster of emotions necessary at this point? Regardless of how unnecessary Karrueche’s feelings are it continues to give us hot tea to sip on for the time being.

The latest is that Karrueche Tran has been blocking fans for calling her out. Instagram user Tommy Rosiers was blocked by Karrueche on social media January 17 after he was all in her mentions accusing Karrueche of dating Chris Brown while he was still in a relationship with Rihanna. But this is old news. Trans admitted that she was dating Chris Brown during the time Rihanna was seeing him but did not know it.

The social media user posted screen shots of his interaction with Karrueche Tran to Instagram, which showed he replied to Tran’s recent tweet in which Brown’s former girlfriend wrote, “If you have a girl, wife, fiancée, gf, ting, bae… please don’t bother.”

“But yet you was with Chris Brown when he was with Rihanna… stop searching for attention,” @james_stlyons hit back at Tran, while @chris2507 also dragged Rihanna into the Karrueche drama by replying, “Didn’t you date Chris when he was with Rihanna!!??”

Even though Tran denied it, we have her on tape stating she was dating Chris Brown at the same time as RiRi. “I didn’t want to believe it,” Tran told Vanzant when asked if she was aware that Brown was also “dealing” with Rihanna while still dating her during an interview for Oprah Winfrey’s OWN network. “I was under the impression that it was a friend-type of… not a friend, but it wasn’t what it became to be,” Karrueche Tran said.

But while Tran and Rihanna have been mostly silent on each other. Karrueche’s decision to start blocking fans across social media for bringing up Rihanna’s comes after swirling rumors that Chris Brown and Rihanna were in Paris together. Brown and Rihanna are rumored to be talking about getting back together.

But Karrueche Tran also talks about the time when she got to know that Brown had fathered a child named Royalty with another model Nia Amey. She admitted that she did not want to believe all of it as she loved him but this child was the final nail in the coffin and she cut all ties with him.

So hopefully Karrueche can stand in her truth and move on from the ups and downs of the Chris Brown saga. He has had a baby on you and been with another girl at the same time. Or did you always know and accepted what he did to you. Just move on Karrueche.

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